December 21, 2007

Stunt Stitcher Shipped!

First Up - Amy Butlers A-line skirt. Now I know that many of you love this skirt. I am not one of those many. I am a girl, and I'm made of curves. The only 'darts' for shaping and fitting this skirt are incorporated into the side seams. That isn't enough for my figure. I tried and tried to make this work, ultimately cutting the size extra small and just making it work. I cut the fabric on the cross-grain so that the rows of paisleys would run vertical instead of horizontal - this was deliberate because I didn't want a line of paisley pointing to my hips!
Next - Apron side A (with side B turned back to show) over the A-line. This was a cute and fun little project. It was quick to make, even if I don't understand the purpose of wearing an apron over jeans. The added extra to the apron was topstitching around the entire garment with heavy blue cotton thread. It pulls the blue from both prints and adds just a smidge.
This is the back of the apron - side B. I made no attempts to match the pattern. If I was making this again - I most certainly will. However, this will be hanging from a ceiling and most likely being enjoyed by Camilla kids as they get taller - before they fill out and get hips! For another version, I would probably add the banding to both the front and the back of the apron pieces and just gather a little bit more into the waistband. To my eye, this side looks like it's missing something without the red bands running down the edges under the bow - in this picture those red bands shown
in the photo above are in the back.
The final skirt is the layer skirt. This one was really easy to make. Deliberate raw edges, although the instructions have you make a conventional hem in the bottom - huh? Why would you hem it when you have raw edges at each layer? Okay, so I didn't hem it. I ran another row of stabilizing stitches above the hem, cut the the hem off and then ran the skirt through the washer and the dryer. Again, if making this for actual wearing purposes there are tons of things that would need to be done differently.
All in all, I enjoyed making these skirts and I hope that Miss C is happy with them.


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