December 15, 2007

Just Another Photoless Post

Well I've been busy recovering, and it's hard work. These last 3 days I've had more pain then when I first came out of surgery, I don't understand it, but then I guess I don't have to. It must mean I'm healing. I have a package almost ready to head off to Crazy Miss C, full of finished Stunt Stitcher obligations - finally! I feel like such a bum about that taking so long. I have also finished a boat load of handknit holiday gifts. I only have 2 more to finish. Some fingerless mitts based on Dashing, I have my copy of Nicky Epstein's knitting on the edge out to find a different cable. I made one pair of Dashing almost completely according to the pattern and I think they are too long. I made end up remaking them after I gift them. Since they are for a co-worker this is doable. Today, I am going to sew - even if it means that I have to break out the pain pills again! I have crafts to finish people - there is a holiday coming up. I also have 2 swaps that I committed to, both essentially with Christmas deadlines, and I've done no crafting for my partners. This is not okay. So, once JB heads into the dealership to work on a car for a friend, then I will round up the dogs, plug The Santa Clause into the dvd player and get down to business. Happy sewing, knitting, crafting, decorating, relaxing - or whatever it is you do to bring you happiness during the holiday season. Also, if you are so inclined, head on over to Chan's blog and welcome Sissy to the family. She is a beauty!


  1. You take care of yourself too though...
    I'm sure your swap partners would understand. I certainly would! There's so much happening around this season I don't think a late deadline would be so awful.
    Oops, I sound a little naggy... sorry. Been nagging the DH about his health recently. Getting to be a habit! ;^)

    So here's wishes for a very healthy and happy Holiday for you and yours!

  2. Gay ~ The Santa Clause is one of my favorite Christmas movies too! I hope that the sewing goes well and please don't overdo it, okay?

  3. Oh, I hope you and the 4-leggeds are enjoying the movie. The four of us are watching "Air Bud." Sissy's being a good girl! (She's asleep!)

  4. Hope you feel well enough to get all the thing done that you want to. Take care though and don't push it. I am sure that everyone will understand.

  5. DON'T undo your recovery progress!! Hope today was a good one for you.

  6. Your swap box is on the way... and inside is an envelope for the Princess with her prize too! :)

  7. Oh, my goodness. I'm sure your swap partners will understand if you're a little late. Heck, I'd consider it something to look forward to, if it was me.
    If sewing and crafting relaxes you, go for it. I find them therapeutic, myself. But the most important thing is to take care of yourself.
    Feel better!

  8. take good care of yourself. Looking forward to seeing your finished work!


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