December 27, 2007

Dudley on Thursday

Apparently, I am a bad doggy mom. Most of the digital pictures are of Beau & Lucy. That is understandable since Beau has my heart. But Dudley is the first dog - he is the old man of the family and he acts accordingly. Dudley is in the front of the above picture with Beau behind him and Abby showing off her belly on the left. I thought I would take a page from Chan's book and share some old stories. When we first got Dudley he wasn't really a puppy. He was 11 months old and the breeder had kept him because she wanted to show him. He is beautiful, however, his front feet really turn out and he's very knock-kneed. So, she got rid of him. We are fairly confident in saying that her adult sons terrorized Dudley because he used to be afraid of his own shadow. Anyway - he was a wonderful dog. One of the funniest Dudley stories I have is the following. We were still living in our old house - it was summer, the back door was open and we had a large fenced yard with a beautiful lawn. Dudley loved to lay on the lawn in the sunshine. Well one Sunday afternoon I had been doing laundry. I had folded laundry for a family of 6 on the living room sofa when JB called me into the tv room to see something. I ended up sitting down with him watching whatever the program was. Mr. Dudley dog would come jump up on my legs then leave the room, then come back and jump up on me again. Over and over he did this. I just kept telling him I would go play in a minute. When I finally got up - the back yard was littered with JB's clean underwear. Apparently Dudley was taking them off the couch and into the backyard and coming to get me after each pair!! It was very funny. Here's a shot of Dudley hiney - heading out the doggie door, we figured of all the dogs, he would be the least likely to use it (afraid of his own shadow) but he was the first one through! Good Boy!


  1. Love the Dudley/undies story! We're guilty of not taking many pics of Pepper lately too ... but then again, she's usually snoozing and not in a photogenic mood. ;-)

    Happy Holidays Gaylen!

  2. Oh, hello handsome Dudders! Mooch him on the nose for me, and then, a round for all of your wonderful furkids!

    Love those basset antics. I'm so glad to have some of my own to report again!

  3. My co worker is looking at me as I read the story of Dudley...very funny...what a sweet pup.


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