December 21, 2007

Dogs on Thursday - A Day Late

Because I love dogs and love putting packages together for other people, as well as receiving great packages. I joined the Dogs on Thursday, Holiday Ornament Swap. Nicole was my partner and I received her box on Tuesday. When I first opened the box, I saw this great dog printed tissue. How cute is that?
Nicole put a great box together - but this is my new favorite Christmas ornament. Can you see it? It's a fireplace, complete with wreath, fire, stockings and a bone. The bone says the year and the stockings have each of the dogs names on the cuffs. The names are in order of how we got the dogs and the dogs that have middle names - Abigail Jane & Beauregard James - have their full names on their stockings. How freakin' adorable is that?
Also in her box, a very cute yarn wreath ornament, to jars of homemade dog treats (which they love), some cute dog sticky notes and matching pens. As well as PetFinder bookmarks, information about having your dogs' hair spun, and load of Nichole's own magnets and such that match her blog logo. Very cute. Nicole - I love it all. Thank you so much. I hope you and yours enjoy your package as much.
Finally - let me leave you with an actual picture of a dog. Since Beau & I have been recovering together. Beau has decided that he should get to lay on my chaise lounge which is in the front bay window. In the photo you can see my knitting set up on the table behind him, vase of needles, basket of finished knits and currently the table top has stacks of finished holiday gifts. But look at him. Lately - I have to get the spray bottle to get him down - just because it hasn't been comfortable for me to sit there lately doesn't mean he gets to take it over. Goober boy!!!


  1. That's where I fail good, consistent training 101. If it looks cute and isn't causing damage, it continues in our house...

    Love that ornament too! Glad to hear you and Beau are both feeling better.

  2. That is my NUMBER ONE goal for 2008 - train my dogs that I'm the boss, not them. The Dog Whisperer's book is the first book I plan to read in 2008!

    That is an adorable ornament. You had a very thoughtful exchange partner.

  3. He looks so comfy and cute!
    So glad you liked your box of goodies!!! Hope the doggies enjoy the treats... Teutul "inspected" all jars before mailing, lol!

  4. OMG G - you totally spoiled my babies... THANK YOU for the amazing box. The stockings & ornaments are so awesome and so precious to me, esp with Sophie included.. you are amazing!!!!!! I can't thank you enough... and my box totally falls short in comparision.

  5. What a great package. Maybe he is just keeping it warm for you. ;)


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