December 28, 2007


I'm thinking jumpers. Wednesday I get to go back to work. I say "get" because I'm actually quite excited about it. It's only fun to stay home for a month when you want to - not when you are forced to. Anyway, since I can sit comfortably and sew now - I am wanting to make some jumpers. The first one playing about in my mind is Vogue 8410. I have a nice boring piece of chocolate brown wool jersey that would be lovely made into the scoop neck jumper. I think I would make it knee length rather than ankle, but loverly just the same. I have some great turtlenecks to wear with it.
Next, I just adore Simplicity 3673. I picked up some embroidered gray flannel to make into the full skirted view. Photographed on top of the embroidered flannel is a piece of a darker gray interlock that would make a nice top. I had originally thought the interlock would look nice with the jumper, but looking at the photo I think it might be too matchy-matchy to look good. So, I'll have to find a nice power blue for a top. Finally I have this piece of olive green corduroy that I was thinking might work for the shorter, straighter version of this pattern. What do you all think? Too school girl in corduroy? Are you too old to wear a corduroy print at a 'certain' age? Or should I just make it up and try it, sorta the old "no harm, no foul." If it doesn't look right I've got one more piece of fabric out of the stash.
I now have 4 full days where I don't have to work from the sofa until I go back and get to sit at my desk. Which doesn't look too bad, I might add. I stopped by the office today (one of my first driving alone trips) and picked up a bunch of papers I had printed. Tonight I will photocopy them and get them out in tomorrow's mail. After that my time is completely my own (well except for the anniversary on Monday) until I go back into the office on Wednesday morning.


  1. Ooh, I wish I could sew! The grey in particular is lovely, which is odd... I don't like grey. I like brown. I think that if you like the cord print, enjoy it!

  2. For the Simplicity pattern, I vote for the embroidered gray flannel - corduroy would be a little schoolgirlish!

  3. love the simplicity pattern! imho, the cord print would be better as a skirt. a jumper in tiny little flowers does look very "school girl."

    so glad to hear you are doing well enough to go back to work & sew. still....don't over do it. healing from major surgery, and this was major surgery, takes a long time. if you feel the least bit tired, rest.

    tho....hurry up and sew that simplicity pattern cuz i wanna see it. :)


  4. I also intend to sew a couple jumpers when I get back home. Great minds....

    I love the gray fabric! I'm not a big corduroy fan (my mom made me wear way too much of it! LOL) but if you like it then go for it! You could always turn it into a skirt if you didn't like the jumper.

    Enjoy getting back to work. I understand you completely!

  5. Nice patterns. My issue with cordoroy is how it flattens out after long use. Do you think you'd end up with a shiny butt? ;) It's interesting how you call the chocolate brown wool jersey boring. I think it sounds yummy. I'm somewhat inspired to sew today as well. Hmm. Wonder if I will? Glad you are feeling better.

  6. Jumpers are so classic. I love them. I say go for it. I think it would look cute.

  7. I just pulled out the Simplicity jumper pattern this afternoon. I purchased it about two weeks ago. I am thinking gray also. Glad you are feeling better.


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