December 22, 2007

Bad Bad Blogger

In my rush to get everything finished and out the door last night - I didn't take any pictures at all of the loads of recovery knitting that I completed and gave as gifts to my co-workers at our Christmas Party last night. UGH. So, let me tell you all what I did. First ~ I made Charmed out of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran color 611, a beautiful deep red. I had a total of 6 balls. I worked the scarf out of three, but knew that I wanted a version of fetching that would match the scarf. So, I figured that out and had 3 rows of cables running up the back of the hands on both mitts. After finishing the mitts, I completed the scarf will all of the remaining yarn. It ended up about 5 balls long. These were given to the Boss' partner and she loved them. Next Up ~ a narrow version of the Feather & Fan scarf from KPPPM sock yarn. When I started this scarf I had in mind something very long and lacy. I had 2 hanks of the KPPPM in a beautiful pink, blue, purple mix. I went flipping through my page a day knitting patterns and selected Feather & Fan. I cast on for 2 fans wide and started knitting, knitting, knitting. What is it about knitting that makes me ignore my better judgment? I knew exactly what I wanted, but I wasn't getting it with the pattern 18 stitches wide. So, after knitting almost the entire first hank, I ripped it and started over. This time only casting on 26 stitches - narrowing the pattern enough that I was still getting the lacy effect of the feather & fan, but the not the width from having 2 pattern repeats. Much better. I knit each hank and then did a 3 needle bind of on a 4th row of the pattern to join both ends. Love it! So did the recipient. This is the woman who was hired in the Spring as my new assistant and man has she saved the day - without her I wouldn't have had any recovery time at all! Finally - there are 2 male attorneys in our office. I made each of them a version of Dashing. As I am inclined to do, I couldn't just knit them according to the pattern. Well actually I did, I made an entire pair - which I loved following the pattern exactly - but then I ripped them. You see the pattern calls for 32 rows in 4" and I was getting 26 rows in 4" which when you are making a glove makes quite the difference. They were beautiful, a tobacco brown color, merino wool, and almost opera length - perfect for me, but not so much for a man who wears a dress shirt most days! So into the frog pond they went. This pair was closest to the actual original dashing pattern, I just shorted the number of row between cable and did a total of 5 cables - 3 first cable rows and 2 second cables. Placing the thumb on the same round as the 2nd second cable round. I thought they might be a little too tight - But my Italian coworker (after telling me these were great! Now he wouldn't have to ruin his expensive gloves changing his tire) said they were perfect. Of course he was kidding about wearing them change his tire - he might wear them when he calls Tripple A to come change the tire for him! Last up the pair for JD2 - same Dashing, cast on 50 stitches, worked in 4x1 rib, only placing a back and front cable right next to each other going up the back of both hands. These where done if a mottle grey merino. There were also a couple of sewing projects for the boss - but those didn't get to see the camera flash either - bad blogger!!!!

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  1. It all sounds so lovely! Congrats on so many FOs. Obviously, you don't have Sissy on hand. I did get four rows of my lace done last night though.


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