December 8, 2007

Maybe Being Out of Commission

isn't sooo bad.
This is what the office sent me. A beautiful arrangement in a winter themed snowman pot. Very cute.
This is what JB brought when he came to see me at the hospital. They are lovely and look how cool that vase is. He couldn't find an arrangement he liked, so he picked a loose bunch, bought a vase, begged the florist for a ribbon and some water and arranged it himself. It really is lovely. This is what The Musical One brought when she came by. It is a wonderfully fluffy, soft teddy bear. Beau & Lucy both think it should be theirs but dog slobber ruins bears!
This is what The Princess sent me. A wonderful tin of Lavender & Chamomile Tea along with lavender bath salts. I'm sure she'll enjoy using the bath salts when she's here at Christmas. This is what my boss brought when she and her partner came to visit me in the hospital. Flannel PJs. Originally they had picked them up for a Christmas gift, but since I'll be living in loose flannel pants for a while longer, they decided I needed them now! Look at how cut that print is. Of course they couldn't remember where they bought them. This is what I bought for myself! After seeing Debbie, Belinda, and Teri's version of Ottobre tops, I had to have this! Look how cute - tied up with a piece of stretch lace. I love it. Does anyone know if these are all the issues of Ottobre Woman available?


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  2. Gifts can always make you feel better! I hope you are taking good care of yourself and resting well!

  3. I have not been reading many blogs of late. Sorry to be reading this and to find you have been in the hospital. I wish you a speedy recovery.

  4. You received some lovely gifts.

  5. yes, those are currently all the issues of OW that are available. there are a few other women's patterns sprinkled in previous issues of the children's patterns. because those patterns were so successful, ottobre decided to start publishing the women's issues.

    love the doggy pj's! they look comfy and cozy....just what you need right now.



  6. Those jammies are by Nick and Nora, and you can get them at Target. They have sheep ones, too. Are they not the cutest thing EVER??? Love them. I think that Oprah had them a few years back on her fave things show, too.

  7. I haven't been keeping up! So sorry to find you in such a state.
    Feel better quick! (but enjoy the jammie time).

  8. Glad to see you are being spoiled!!! :) LOVE those pjs!
    I'm hoping to get your Doggy swap package in the mail by the end of this week... :)


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