April 21, 2007

Sewing Space Photos

So here are the results of my days of procrastination. These 3 floating shelves used to house binders of embroidery stuff and other miscellaneous clutter. It was usable and I didn't really like it. It looked cluttered. Now - the embroidery stuff has been moved to the three green fabric covered magazine holders. These were 50% of $12.99. Since The Princess was in design school - I have always bought things in odd numbers.
The second shelves holds jars of buttons. There are a total of 6 of the smallest jars, 2 of the medium sized and one large one that all match. The huge 'ginger' jar on the middle shelves holds bits and pieces of left over ribbons and trims. It even has large pieces of trim that weren't originally purchased on spools. I really like the look of it.
On the botton shelve it the larges jar that matches the smallest ones and 2 of the smallest jars. The jars all contain buttons or closures of some sort. The basket on the left is larger than one in the close up photo. It is holding some fabulous wool for an upcoming sweater project. The basket on the right holds spools of ribbons. I had originally asked JB to add a dowel to the bottom shelve so I could dangle the ribbons ala Heather but in the meantime, I look the look of them sitting in this basket. I may even dig through the plastic buckets under the table to find more spools of ribbon :}
There are a few wicker baskets and one extra wire basket sitting on top of the cutting table. I hope to move these to the far left side of the table - but I would
actually have to finish the curtains first! I only have 6 panels left! Anyway - both baskets on the left have fabric for upcoming projects. I really like the wire basket, because I can see what's inside it. The wicker basket on the right has some mending,
2 handknit sweaters that just need blocking and finishing and my pattern book and crochet thread. The crochet stuff doesn't really live there - it's just there for now.
Finally across the way from the cutting table and next to the sewing machine is the new shelves. I bought 3 wooden baskets that look like little picket fences and three wire mesh baskets. One wouldn't fit here, so it's on the cutting table holding upcoming projects. These baskets all hold my patterns. And no - they aren't all there! I still have patterns in two of the blue pattern storage boxes! The ivory metal box on the second shelve is full of elastic and the two oval metal baskets on the top shelve contain zippers - invisible in one, regular in the other. I thought this shelve was wider than it is. I was really hoping to be able to get three of the baskets per shelve. But other than the off balance of having the closed metal box on the second shelve I like it.
While shopping with Claire and Lily this afternoon - I got some cute poker themed fabric for JB - I'm off to make him some coasters for the computer desk and then I'm really going to work on the white t-shirts! Really!


  1. Very nice! So neat, clean and organized. Don't you love those floating shelves? I know I do mine.

  2. It looks great. I really like how you did the ribbons and the large ginger jar. I'm going to have to get one of those wire baskets and jars after all. And the floating shelves are just the ticket. I'll pick some up when they go on sale (if they ever do) so I can have them installed after the room is painted.

  3. Gay - it all looks so very neat and crisp. Love the white accents. You did a great job organizing.

  4. Its so pretty! I love it all, including those floating shelves, but I especially like how you have your patterns stored. Cute and organized.


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