April 2, 2007

Lots of Pictures!

Some days the worst part of blogging is getting the photos where you want them! To the left is a picture of JB wearing The Man Sweater. The sleeves are about 3" too long, but we just fold them back. I am not knitting them again! I did have to re-knit the neckband 3 times last night. The cast off edge had absolutely no give after being soaked and gently washed and he couldn't get it over his head. I ended up re-knitting it and casting off with a size 7US needle. Now it fits over his head without trying to rip his ears off! And it's the perfect Philadelphia Eagles Green! So JB is very happy :)
Saturday we went to the Annual Woodinville Basset Bash and Parade. There were short legged dogs every where! Dudley dog was absolutely in his element. He loves other dogs. Neither of the dogs shown here are Dudley - although they look a lot like him. He is just out of the picture and you can just see the white tip on his tail.
Dudley is in this picture - he is on the right doing a "meet and greet" with a dog named Elvis. There didn't seem to be as many dogs at the parade this year as there have been in the past. And I didn't take nearly as many pictures as years past - we were short people power as neither of the girls were able to attend with us. Historically people dress their dogs in costumes for the parade. I'm pretty sure the dogs don't enjoy this part of the day. This cute little girl was dressed as Carmen Miranda. Her costume was adorable - but the skirt was dragging on the wet ground and got very heavy and kept putting itself off!
This was absolutely my favorite costume this year. I don't know if you can see her or not, but there is a dog in the cake. You can just see her nose sticking out the right side of the cake - away from the flip top lid. The side of the cake says "Party Animal." About half-way through the parade she didn't want to be in the cake anymore - she was ready for her debut - so her mom was bribing her with treats to keep her in there! We tried to dress Lucy up as an Eagles fan (she is JB's dog after all) but she flat refused to move. She very slowly walked from the kitchen to the entry way where I was able to get this photo, but she wouldn't take another step after that. I can't imagine she was very comfortable - she was just wearing one of JB's regular t-shirts and it was tight around her chest. Here you can see Beau checking her out. I'm pretty sure he was saying "Lucy, My God! What did they do to you?!!"
We took the shirt off and she got to go to the parade naked!
Here's the main reason I didn't take more photos. The Seafair Pirates were at the parade. This year the dogs were in the middle of the parade instead of the end and the Pirates insist on firing their canon regularly throughout the parade. Well Beau was scared to death! Every time he would hear the canon he would run in whatever direction he could go. He would go right up to strangers and sit on their feet, begging them to protect him - because apparently I was failing! Poor boy - he truly was traumatized. None of our other dogs seemed to mind too much though.
Regularly scheduled sewing will resume tomorrow :)

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