April 9, 2007

I'd Rather Be Sewing

as I'm sure most of you would too. Unless you are Claire most of us are working today. I would even be happy to be working. Instead I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut-off putting out fires. I'm not positive that the job description for "office manager" reads like this. And if it does - I want my old job back!! I am definitely taking a lunch break today. I brought both knitting and the starched sample to the slip needing a lace edge. Something will get worked on to de-stress me. I never did get off the computer in enough time this morning to work on the purple dress. So, here is the plan - dinner tonight is left-overs. I also need to make a pan of rice. Easy enough and doesn't need my attention. I need to serge the seam allowances around the front of the dress. I want to add clear elastic to the serged edge as a precaution. Then that needs topstitching and some basting. After that I plan on serging all the raw edges of the skirt pieces. It should take no time - or not more than 45 minutes to put the skirt together. After that all I need to insert an invisible zipper into the left side seam. I plan on working on another down and dirty skirt project after that - just because I need some instant gratification and everything else I have planned currently is big dress projects! Of course, what my wardrobe is really starting to need is some new summer tops - knits, cute little sleeveless woven things, maybe even a button down or two. Maybe I should focus on tops for a little minute - I have a ton of cute skirts. . . . and she's off on another tangent!!

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