April 9, 2007

I Had a 3-Day Weekend

and I really don't have anything to show for it. On Friday - I went to my Weight Watchers Meeting which I had originally considered skipping - but I'm glad I went. It was a good meeting and I stayed exactly the same. Not too bad considering I would like to lose some more pounds, but I'm not really doing anything more than maintenance these days. Then I headed over the JoAnn's. I needed a bag of fiberfill so I could mend Beau's big bear and some skirt hooks and eyes. I also took the brown polka dot fabric and the pink that I found for the jacket to look for something that would work to line the jacket. Originally, I was thinking something brown/pink/cream and possibly a floral. I ended up with a plain cream lining. Boring - but it will work. I also bought 2 pieces of fabric, one for a top and one for a dress. After that I went to Everett. Originally it was planned that I would meet my friend at Great Yarns for knitting, but I was unable to get a hold of her to confirm. I went anyway - but didn't take the pattern for the next up sweater. I did have the pink daisy skirt with me, because I was unpicking the hem during the earlier WW meeting. Anyway - I got the yarn for the knit top. Then I filed a lawsuit for work. By the time I got home, I had just enough time to hem the ties for the purple Simplicity dress I'm working on. Then I had to run out to meet with one of the members of our local ASG. We were working together to do a presentation on Needle Felting on Saturday, April 14th. I got her information, but found out that she got a surprise trip to Bangkok and so won't be helping me. When I got home again - I started dinner, only to have the hubby call and say that he had a really long week and wanted to go out. Saturday morning dawned bright and early where I very lazily sat on the sofa drinking water (I didn't make coffee), finishing the back of the current sweater on needles and watching sewing programs. Hubby had to go to work for a side job and asked me to pick him up at 11:30. I got there at 11:45 - still without having had any coffee. He was now helping with a car in the shop as the customer is our doctor's wife. Then he ran off to talk to somebody and came back to get my driver's license - what? Thankfully this time I brought knitting so I just hung out and swatched for the Wimbledon Sweater. We finally ran to get me a latte and then we had to come back to sign the loan for my new car! I was a little surprised because I had just asked him about it the night before and he said the guy wanted too much. The upside of having a spouse who works at a dealership is the deals - the downside is that I never get to actually pick out my own car. I am now driving a 2002 Seabring Convertible - it's dark blue with a blue ragtop. Completely loaded with only 13,000 miles! And we only paid $1 a mile for it!! Complete steal. Saturday afternoon and evening was spent doing housework. Hubby had to clean and rearrange the garage to fit my new car in and I spent hours literally cleaning floors, walls, glass tables and dusting. It looked great until I let the dogs upstairs on Sunday morning! We didn't finish and sit down to eat until 10 pm.! I literally ate and went to bed! Sunday JB cooked breaky, I helped clean up. Then we walked dogs in the very cold sunshine. I got some time to sew until I had to start dinner. At this point in time the bodice of the purple dress is almost complete As a matter of fact, I'm going to sign off and go finish the bodice. After this - the skirt will take no time at all!!! Although now the dress seems a little 'heaving' for the weather - but it might be okay for a week or so - if I can finish it this week.

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