March 21, 2011

Weekend Away

JB spent most of the last week in Portland, Oregon.

See - every now and again he has to head to Portland and go to school.  Usually he drives down for a one day class, drives home the same day and then goes to work the next.  However, this week he had two 2-day classes and was in Portland the entire week.

I decided that I'd take the train down on Friday and spend the weekend with him.  Friday the train was delayed out of Seattle and I didn't have time to kick around on my own - but that's okay.  JB met me at the train station, we went back to the hotel and got settled for a minute, found a movie we wanted to see, then went yarn shopping. 

The girls at Twisted recommended The Farm for dinner and it was fabulous!  After that we decided that we were too tired for the movie.

On Saturday, we got up bright and early and due to the woman making the plans - we ended up in Downtown Portland when we were suppose to be in West Lin to meet Mary and her hubby. 

They were delightful.  The 4 of us had breakfast and then we broke by gender.  The men took themselves off to the Roadster and Gun show while Mary and I went fabric shopping.  I had my camera with me all day - and didn't take a single picture.  I know - bad blogger. 

On Sunday we headed home.  But before we tackled I-5 and the Seattle traffic we detoured to Multnomah Falls.  The day was perfect for spending 90 minutes trekking up a mountain to get to the top of the falls.  The first photo is of JB's back while he was at the first overlook with the entire Falls above him.  the second photo - we were on the way back down and are just to the side of the bridge you can see halfway up in the first photo.

Good fun was had by all. 


  1. Still can't believe we missed each other by a hairsbreadth. When you were coming in on the train and yarn shopping, we were packing and getting ready to go to bed. Early flights bite.

  2. Look Jess, she DID go to the falls!

    Love that picture of the two of you.

  3. Nice pics Gaylen! I had my camera in my purse all day too and realized we had not snapped the obligatory blog picture. I thought running back in for a quick photo op would just confirm I'm crazy! Was so nice to meet you and JB...glad you got to visit Multnomah Falls!

  4. Love the pics!!! i am with chan, great pic of the two of you!
    So glad you guys had a great little getaway, and got to make some face time with a bloggy friend :o)

  5. Sounds like a nice weekend. Now tell about the yarn and fabric purchases.

  6. What a wonderful weekend! It sounds like everyone I know got out this past weekend and enjoyed themselves.


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