March 4, 2011

Me Made 1, 2, 3

Have I mentioned how much I hate having my photo taken lately? I'm in desparate need of a haircut and (apparently) a stylist. Plus - with JB I get one shot at a photo. I'm guessing Sal's hubby takes more than one photo.  Anyway - onto the first 3 days of March, what I wore, what I made, and what was handmade:
Skirt:  KwikSew 3777, this is one of my favorite skirt patterns ever.  This one started life as a dress that I just couldn't make work.  So, I took the bodice off, opened up one of the seams to add a zipper and a waistband.  It's more summery than wintery - but it's okay.  Looking at the photo - the taupe turtleneck is a bit too dark for the skirt - guess I'll need to find some different tops to wear with it.

Wednesday was a tough day.  I was very tired and really didn't care.  I threw clothes on.  Pulled my hair up - which I rarely do for public appearances (there is alot of silver at my temples!).

Jeans are from Old Navy and have seen better days.  Top is from a vogue wardrobe pattern, I honest don't remember which one.  The back comes over the shoulders and pleats into the front.  The fabric is left over from a dress.  I also made the cardigan and my socks.  The socks are beaded and I didn't notice the beads at all - except for occassionally catching the sparkle. 

Thursday I felt more like myself.  Wednesday night I received 2 packages in the mail.  I got a beautiful hank of yarn for a test knit I agreed to do as well as a beautiful cowl - more about that later.

Well - I wanted to wear the cowl as 'jewelry' and honestly - the new office is frigid.  So I pulled one of my very few solid color skirts.  I started with a simplicity pattern for this one - the Carolyn skirt - and cut it up, adding cut on godets for flair.  In all honesty - the skirt is too big for me, but I still wear it.  I added a hot pank cami and a white tee.  Then I pulled on pink earings and the cowl.  I felt very pretty all day. 
Remember earlier this year when I signed up to play Pay it Forward?  Well I received this beautiful cowl from Amy.  Not only is it handknit - but she spun the yarn to make it too!  I love it, it was warm, cushy, comfy, not too tall, not too short and not itchy at all.  Also - my favorite mix of colors - brown and pink! 



  1. I actually like the outfit in the first photo. No, it doesn't MATCH, but it all works together...

    I need a stylist and another friggin' dress for NEXT Saturday. Wonder if the Knight wants to drive me somewhere to shop tonight so Sis & Gg don't ahve to sit in the car at the outlet mall tomorrow?

  2. Well I don't know what you're complaining about, you look pretty good in ALL those photos. And I like that first outfit, I'm not sure I'd worry over the darkness of the top.

    Fab gift, too!

  3. I thought that Tuesday's top looked good with the skirt. I like wearing summery skirts in the winter; it makes me feel hopeful that spring is on the way. Wednesday's brown cardi is really pretty, and so were the socks. But you always make wonderful socks. And you looked like a glamour girl on Thursday...great picture and outfit. That's a really nice cowl you got from Amy. Hope you're having a nice Friday.

    I plan to post my MMM pictures once a week, likely Sundays.

  4. Good start to the month. I'm looking forward to see the rest.

  5. Love, love, love the first outfit as is, and the skirt from the last pic, too. I want, ney, NEED some new skirts that fit well and make me happy!

  6. Huzzah! I am so glad that you like the cowl. I think it is a BFL blend, which was as soft to spin as it was to knit! Enjoy!

  7. My hair is in dire need of a trim, too, but I'm trying to let it grow out. I hate this in between phase.

  8. You look "mahvelous" in all of them my dear! Here's to having a great weekend.

  9. OMG...LOVELOVELOVE!!! The top it. bottom it. I get so sidetracked by pics of you smiling and looking fabulous that i forget to LOOK at the clothes too closely, as that is what you are really posting for!!! LOL. I will go back and take a closer look, but i love seeing smiley pics of you!

  10. Wow! You've been quite busy you look fabulous. Love the skirts and I've been eyeing a few skirt patterns myself. Just not too sure what I'd look like in them.


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