March 23, 2011

The Goodies - Part Deux

I didn't buy a ton of fabric while I was in Portland, but I did buy my share worth.

Our first stop was Mill Ends where they had some pretty fabric, but absolutely nothing that I had to have.  Remember seeing the fabric piled on the cutting table when JB was doing the floors?  Yea - don't need to buy just because it's pretty.

The next stop was Pendleton and I bought two more pieces of wool.  Both were off the $5/yard table and one screamed sheath dress to me.  We'll see.
That fabric?  Up there?  In the top photo?  From out last stop at Fabric Depot.  It was their sale weekend and while the parking lot was packed, you could move around and see stuff.  The brown and pink is a jersey that called my name.  It will be come a fun tee shirt.  Because I need some new fun tees to wear on weekends.  Under it is a length of white denim with a small amount of stretch.  It wants to be a button front pencil with those lovely blue buttons from the Expo.

And finally - this lovely piece of cotton.  I couldn't leave it.  It didn't fit the pattern in my hand.  But I loved it.  I think it wants to be a button front shirt dress.  Will give me practice for lots of things - matching the print, making a shirt dress, yadda yadda.

This weekend is the Spring Retreat in Dumas Bay with the sewing gang.  I'm so not ready.  I don't have anything cut, prepped or packed up.  I think I've decided to work on fitting different items that I want to work on while I have 27 other knowledgable seamstresses in the same room and then just taking things to work on when everyone is busy.  Hope I get something done.....


  1. Love the fabrics and the ideas. You're a brave woman to wear white denim; I'd have drool and who knows what else on it before I got out the door.

  2. Pretty stuff! Why don't you take a couple of the skirts that have been giving you fitting fits and ask advice from people who can put hands on and help?

  3. A sewing retreat?! Wow...sounds like a great weekend coming up. Not a bad weekend just passed, either, from the two goodies posts...:-)

  4. That is some might nice fabric you have there my friend!

  5. The brown and pink is really pretty; it's sort of a retro early 70s color. Getting your fitting issues worked on and finishing up some UFOs sounds like a good way to spend Sewing Retreat; at least you'll have a clean slate for the spring!

  6. Both the fabrics and the yarns are wonderful - wont the featherweight cardigan look lovely paired with the shift dress.

    I'm sure you have an excellent, laughter-packed weekend - enjoy! Michelle and Zebby Cat, xxx and purr-zzzzzzzzz

  7. oh, i am excited. button front shirt dress! that is one of my favorite kinds of dresses. that tee is going to be so cute. i love your tees, they look so great.

  8. I'm sooooo jealous of the sewing retreat...soooo jealous! BTW, nice cuts of fabric.


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