March 14, 2011

Crazy Idea

Sorry about the scary photo.  That is my knee.  See - I had this crazy idea that it would be fun to do a fun run/walk every month of the year, and then make a blanket out of the tee shirts. 

Well the first one was yesterday.  Apparently I'm a klutz.  I tripped over the road, falling and skinned my knee - thank goodness it's still tights weather!

The really good news?  It was just under 4 miles and we managed to finish in 50 minutes!  We set a pace of 13.23 minutes per mile or some such thing.  The bad news - I might be either too old or too out of shape to do this.  My hip is killing me today.  


  1. Yikes! Good for you to commit to the fun run/walks...Boo for falling down! Hope you're okay by the weekend to peruse acres of fabric...LOL!!! I will email you later to iron out a plan. It's been crazy nuts here and then yesterday we lost power with the freaky storm that rolled through! It just came back on this morning. Never a dull moment...

  2. Sorry about the fall, but go you!! Hang in there... it'll get easier!

  3. Sorry you fell, G. Sometimes the worst part of doing something klutzy is the embarrassment of being SEEN doing something klutzy. anyway, it will make a good story for that patch of your quilt. Keep it up! You're a better woman than I am for running.

  4. I'm with you on the klutz factor. I trip over my own feet all the time!

    Rest up and take care!

  5. Good for you for trying! I used to be a great walker and sprinter, but I've never gotten my walking ability back together after my surgery. And a plan to visit acres of fabric next weekend....the comment by Sewfast? I'm jealous!

  6. yay G!! Jason used to do a St Pat's Run in Seattle, i think it was the Henry Weinhards run. Do they still have that one? He was just talking about it this weekend.
    sorry the hip hurts...ugh!

  7. awww... well, I trip up the steps all the time, if that makes you feel any better. Good company and all that.

    Try some Aleve. It works wonders (1 in the morning and 2 at night)

  8. Good for you ! I'm still forcing myself to do my 30min walk most days. A 5m run is still way beyond me LOL.

    BTW - I was sure I'd commented on the last couple MMM posts - I LOVE the herringbone skirt.

    ...and a plan is in the works for fabric perusing ? shopping ? I'm with Marjie - Jealous :-)

  9. Ouch! Good for you for finishing anyway.

  10. I'm fell, got up, and went the distance...I know I could at least one of those things...


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