April 3, 2009

This One's for Sue

Earlier this week, Sue and I were chatting. She mentioned that she wanted her significant other to build some sort of arbor to house her wind chimes. I mentioned that we have a beautiful arbor that JB built. It goes from the front yard to the upper back yard, where the ponds are. He has a subscription to The Family Handyman and this arbor was the cover project a couple of years ago. The magazine had the schematic and all the instructions. He built the arbor in a weekend. We have added the metal sculpture to the arch. There is a kiwi plant that grows over the arbor and in the summer the top is green! I'm not sure if you can see it, but there are benches on either side of the arbor. Unfortunately, we rarely just sit there and enjoy the view of the yard - this year. Sue - I wasn't able to find a link for the old issue (and I don't remember which issue it was) nor could I find a link to this arbor on the website, but it's a start :)


  1. The arbor is beautiful!! What a lovely yard / garden!

  2. JB did a very nice job. That looks like a wonderful place to sit and read or knit. I'm going to show it to Rob when he comes downstairs.

    Ponds? How many ponds? We 're in the process of building a two level pond. I know a fishpond with PWDs is crazy. It'll be like a sushi bar for them.

  3. Beautiful. That's impressive!

  4. I am seriously jealous of the arbor AND the handy tool man. :D


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