April 20, 2007

Queen of Procrastination

So, I had the day off. The Best Buy GeekSquad guy who has set up our office intranet was working at my house today. JB wanted dual monitors and when our computer died last summer it was cheaper to purchase the new package that included a monitor that we didn't need. So, one video card later - 2 monitors it is. Anyway - for the last several months, the new monitor has been sitting right next to my sewing table - working as part of the barrier to keep the dogs out. See - they like to steal yarn, chew on my pressing tools, dig through scraps in the garbage - whatever. So I block the space when I'm not in. By taking the monitor out of the box, it wasn't heavy enough to keep the dogs from pushing it out of the way. So I needed something else. I purchased a new wire shelving unit. It's short with4 shelves. I moved the patterns to the top shelf. I also purchase 4 more small glass jars, 2 medium sized ones, 1 larger one and a very large ginger jar style glass jar. While Geek Guy was here, I sorted buttons, I took all the covered buttons out of their packaging and dumped them into a glass jar. I also filled one with hooks & eyes and snaps. They look pretty. I bought 3 green fabric covered magazine holders and moved my embroidery stuff into magazine holders. I bought to ivory wire baskets - put spooled ribbon into one and large vogue patterns into another - although it would look better with yarn in it. Finally I got 2 oval ivory colored tin baskets. One is filled with elastics and in filled with ribbons. The binders and baskets are from the cottage chic line at Fred Meyer and were all 50% off! Tomorrow I'm going back with Claire. I'm in the market for a different container for pattern storage as well as some covered tin boxed for stuff I don't want visible. My space is starting to feel so much more creative. Maybe when this is done I can actually create something again. Off to procrastinate some more by feeding the dogs and finishing cooking dinner.


  1. i know too well about the dog getting into "whatever they can".
    it sounds like you are getting really organized.

  2. You had a busy day, it sounds like to me. Getting organized is so good for re-kindling inspiration. I feel a bit like Spring cleaning, myself. Of course, I don't have dogs to get into my stuff, just one very nosy cat, and there's no keeping her out, so I'm resigned to cat hair on everything.


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