April 27, 2007


I feel like I'm neglecting the blog. I'm definitely neglecting the sewing space since the reorganization last weekend. I did manage to make some coaster for JB. He was complaining about the lack of a coaster for the computer and really what good is it to have all that fabric if you can't even get a decent coaster! I have been neglecting taking and showing pictures of the fabulous fabric that Claire bought me in while in Seaside, Oregon. As well as the fabulous gift that she brought! Love the cottons!!! I have been neglecting taking the 30 minutes or so that it takes to sew up the two (2), yes two! white t-shirts that I cut out last weekend! They are sitting on the ironing board. Last night I figured out that I have 7 non-work days until our trip to Arizona and some fabulous National Parks. I really wanted to have more dresses. Well you know what they say about wanting . . . So, time to stop neglecting myself - because really that is what all the about amounts to. Neglecting myself. Failing to take care of my soul and do what feeds me in an emotional way. Time to get busy, cutting, sewing, making and just get it done. The nice thing is that really JB doesn't care if the house is a mess - it's not like it's filthy messing - it just covered with dog hair. Come on - we have four dogs!!!!

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