April 23, 2007

Dress Form or Body Double?

What is your preference? Any Why? I've never had a dress form. Two summers ago - my local ASG group made duct tape doubles, but I was much larger, the tape stretches and sags and within a month the 'double' didn't look like me at all! So she got cut up, stuffed into the garbage (sorry earth!) and the stuffing recycled. Now - JoAnn's has dress forms on sale, and our ASG group is having Connie Crawford. In June we will be either making paper tape doubles or padding out our dress forms as needed. I'm still unsure which direction to go. Any ideas?


  1. Now I remember where I found the info about the adjustable dressforms and padding them out - besides reading Debbie Cook's review of padding hers. See here: http://sewing.patternreview.com/cgi-bin/review/readreview.pl?ID=1013&readreview=1

    I personally like my My Double Deluxe dressform. She's pinnable, and adjustable, so as my shape varies - up or down - I can adjust her without having to make a whole new dressform. - it's hard to shape down. Plus, I'm all for instant gratification. It took me just a couple hours one afternoon and my dressform was ready to use!

    Just my preference. It will be interesting to see what others say.

  2. i have a my twin body double (the one where you cast your body and then fill it with expandable foam). i LOVE it. it took some time and was work, but it's pinnable, fairly lightweight, and MY body exactly. i was heavier when i made it, so i need to file some poundage off of her, but she still has my posture.

  3. I think what you decided should be more based on what your exact purpose with the form would be. For me, I have a Dritz My Double that I got as a birthday present from an ex-boyfriend years ago. It's definitely NOT my double (my biggest gripe is that it is too high-waisted and the bust is too perky) but I don't use it to test exact fit (that's what I am for). I use my dressform more to help me get a feel for how the final garment is going to overall look, fit, hang, drape and all that other good stuff. Anything related to how this all works on ME can only be tested ON me, IMHO. The nice thing about the ones from JoAnn's is that they are adjustable. This came in really handy for me because I was 50lbs heavier when I got my dress form and I spent an hour adjusting it down and it's good to go. And if you get to learn how to pad up your existing dressform, then the waste will be less if the tape starts sagging :)

  4. I have a fabulous fit dressform that I purchased several years ago and then Lulu lost her legs in the move. So she sits in the corner wearing a blouse. I don't use her much anymore probably because I bought her primarily to take pictures of my finished garments on her. I am use to working out fit issues on my body and still work that way...old habits are hard to break!

  5. FYI - I just ordered the Singer Adjustable dressform from JoAnn's online for $99 and free shipping. I think it will work fine for my purposes. Checking to see how things look and taking photographs. I will pad it out to be more like me through the lower body - UGH!

  6. I recently purchased a Fabulous Dress form. I think it's great! I had to take my measurements and then with its fitting system, I got it to match my exact curves! My dresses fit perfectly now!


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