April 25, 2007


Do you do them? Do you ever want to? I'm talking about making something. You loved the fabric, but something about the garment wasn't just right. So you don't wear it. Do you do it over? I don't! I have several skirts that I absolutely loved - but I've grown out of them (the skirts are too big now! not me!) Anyway, I have kept those skirts thinking that someday I will take them in, but I know myself well and I know that will never happen. But I love the fabric - so what to do? Maybe I'll issue a challenge to myself to complete one do-over this year. I have skirt in particular that I could think of that would get worn to death if it fit! Hmmmm - I'll have to ponder that for quite some time (It's wool so I have time!). And maybe this Fall I'll have a new/old skirt to show.


  1. I'm in the same position and am seriously considering some do-overs, but I haven't brought myself to do it yet.


  2. Sometimes I make a deal with myself - for each new project I want to work on, I have to finish one UFO (or do-over). I admit I don't always follow this to the letter of the law, but it does seem to help finsih up the less-than-exciting UFOs and do-overs.

  3. I do over, especially if I love the fabric.

    For your skirts, could you re-cut them into a different design, possibly leaving the zippers (if they have them) intact?

    Skirt do-overs are easy, IMHO. It's the messed up pants that really hurt!

  4. I am like you, I have two skirts that require do-overs. One needed the elastic waist tightened and shortened. I cut the loose waist band off right under the elastic and was going to reuse the elastic, just make it shorter. Skirt is still waiting to be done.

    The other skirt, recently made, still has potential but requires new waistband style.

    Will I ever get to it?????


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