April 19, 2007

Busy Week

Because I let my non-working time get fractured by multiple hobbies (knitting, dog walking, working out, watching tv, and sewing) as well as spending time with the hubby - I don't seem to accomplish alot during the week. Sunday was very productive. I finished the purple dress, reapplied the waistband on the daisy skirt (it was 3" too long), attached the skirt hooks on the daisy skirt and the black graphic skirt. I also finished a knit Santa Monica Tee that had been in process since sometime last Fall! My next step was to pull white knit fabric and some t-patterns. I am dying to wear the daisy skirt but the weather isn't cooperating. And while black tights and a cardigan worked well for the purple dress and worked great for Summerset and her new chainlink dress - it's not the look I'm going for with the Daisy Skirt. Hmmm, where was I going with this? Oh yea, my time has been fractured. I did manage to get both fronts cast on for the Lattice & Lace Cardigan. I am 55 rows into the Wimbledon Sweater in a very nice soft baby pink. I have one more crochet pattern I want to swatch for the lining on the black/white skirt. I have Friday off this week. The GeekSquad is coming to do some work on the computer and other than lunching with a friend I have nothing planned. There is nothing on tv tonight that I have to watch so I'm hoping to get the white knit cut out - I have 2 tops planned from it. Actually, I still have 30 minutes until I have to start getting ready for work. Maybe I should get off line and get cracking already!!!

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