July 4, 2019

Swing Dress

When a certain indy pattern designer came out with a fun and lovely swingy tee shirt dress - I really and I mean really - wanted it!  

But - I'm team pattern pattern.  I'm also team trace because I like having the original pattern when I need to go back to it.

So, I chatted with my dear friend Carolyn - who took all of these photos - in fact, I still haven't even downloaded the photos that JB took alongside Carolyn.  Soon - Maybe I'll just have a "fashion show' post with the photos he took!

The pattern is New Look 6469 and it appears to still be available.  But it's just a swing dress with raglan sleeves.  I have very square shoulders so raglan sleeves are good for me!  

If I remember correctly - I added 2" to the length of this dress.  It was made the night I was suppose to be packing for our Italian vacation.  I made this dress again and added a bit more length for our last vacation and it got cut up into a top when we got home.  

The fabric was a 3 yard cut from Fabric Mart that I love!  It had been pulled from the closet more than once and put back because I didn't want to 'waste it.'

While I mostly wear this dress during the winter with tights and boots - it works just as well in the summer.  It might not be the most flattering for my shape - but it's comfortable and easy to wear. 

This pattern is still on my radar to make again - with contrast sleeves - as soon as I find the right combo of fabrics.  I'm thinking a floral with stripes or polka dots would be fun.  Also - I think it could be just a smidge shorter - maybe the 2" I added?  What are you thoughts?  Do you wear comfy dresses because they are easy even when they aren't the most flattering thing you own?  


  1. You may think this isn't flattering, but I think it's because the length is just a bit too long. If you shorten so it just covers your knees, it will change the proportions a lot, and I think you will really like it then. It looks good now but shorter will be even better. It's a great pattern.

  2. I think this dress is very flattering on you and well sewn. I do question your idea to make the sleeves of another garment in a different fabric. Raglan sleeves could appear similar to the classic baseball top.

  3. This is super cute! This pattern is also a good highlight for the fabric. I really struggle with paying indie prices for such a simple design. I also need to try more raglan sleeve designs.

  4. I can't believe you made this last year and we just photographed it since I've been there several times since then! Also, you should make more of this dress, which I think fits you soooo well.

  5. I love this and I wear dresses when it is really hot as they are cooler.

  6. I like the style a lot on you, and I'm glad you found the perfect dress for this fabric. I think you do need it just a touch shorter, as you said. You must have more fabrics that are perfect for this dress, because it looks like a comfortable, easy dress to wear, and it's cute!

  7. Looks great on you! Love the fabric.


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