August 31, 2018

All's Quiet on the Pennsylvania Front

Hey everyone - 

I have been sewing, honest.  But I don't have anything fabulous to show for it.  

For example - this dress.  This is my tester version of the recently released Cashmerette Rivermont Dress.  While I love the fabric I used and the dress that I made - I don't love the photos that were taken of it.   

My tights are too dark, my shoes are completely the wrong color and they dress needs a bit more styling.  

But - does that stop me from wearing it?  No, it's just stopped me from blogging about it.  In the case of the Rivermont, I actually made the dress again and I really super love that version - even if it does highlight my tummy just a bit too much.

So - what else have I been doing, but not blogging about?  

1.  sewing for Eleanor.  She got an entire winter wardrobe filled with leggings, onsies and flannel jumpers.  Then she got a mini summer wardrobe - couple of pillowcase dresses, a onsie (which promptly had to be cut into a tee because she's potty training), and some shorts.  

2.  Jay's shirts - they just keep being made.  I cut a bunch, then sew them up in color stories.  I've added 3 blue shirts and then 3 Patriotic themed shirts to the closet this year.  He also got another motorcycle shirt before we went on vacation. 

3.  We've gone on 2 vacations.  

4.  Knitting - I have several new shawls and a cardigan that need blogging.

5.  Wide legged pants and an Ogden cami - I wasn't thrilled with either of these and rather than make pattern alternations and make them again and again until I was happy, I moved on to something else. 

6.  Button front shirt - see notes on #5 above. 

This year - I've realized that I'm flitting from pattern to pattern and not ever making anything that I'm really happy with.  I just sew it up once and then move on.  Working on correcting that.  

What stops you from blogging?  


  1. When the girls come for Sew Camp you should have them take a few photos of you so you can blog the garments when you get a chance. Cause I know you're sewing more than you realize...just not for you!

  2. Sometimes it is a general lack of time due to travalling or spending it with the kids instead, but I too live in PA. There frequently aren’t enough sunny days for decent photos and our old farm house lacks overhead lighting in the rooms where photos would otherwise work. It is almost always the photos.

  3. Everything stops me! My brain is on overload. We'll get each other sewing during sew camp in about a week! Jay's shirts are wonderful, and I'm absolutely certain that Eleanor enjoys her outfits - or maybe her mama does...

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