November 15, 2013

Blue Birthday Dress

 Another version of the Ottobre dress.  This is version 2 and I have made 3 so far.   This was the dress I made for my 50th birthday.  JB thinks it's fantastic. 

I feel comfortable in this dress, not that you can tell from my face.  I wore it all day without a cardigan or a scarf or anything to distract from the dress - well except for my new red cowboy boots!

The fabric is a ponte that I got from Girl Charlie.  I loved it when I saw it and then I wasn't sure what to make with it.  Then I made the grey ponte dress and figured this fabric would work with that pattern.  So the day before we left for vacation, I headed to the sewing space and cut the fabric out.  I sewed it all up and then decided it needed to have just as lightly lower neckline.  So I folded the dress front in half and took my French curve to it.  The neckline is now a curved v. 

I do need to take it back down to the machine and shorten the sleeves.  I wasn't sure how long to make them and they are just a bit too long. 

In Palm Springs on vacation I wore the dress with bare legs and white sandals.  But today I wore it with my new red boots!  I got several compliments today half of them on my dress and half of them on my boots. 

I imagine there will be more versions of this Ottobre dress in my future.  But I'm thinking they will be solids to show off some of the great scarfs, handknits, and jewelry that I have. 

And just because you want to see them - here is a picture of my new red boots!  And yes, they were comfortable all day.  And Fun!  For some reason - wearing cowboy boots is fun. 


  1. What a very striking dress - you look quite different in it :)

    Happy Birthday - it only seems yesterday since I was 50, and now I am nearly a decade on:) Do enjoy your 50's - the cowboy boots are a good start :)

  2. Argh! Fabulous g!!!! I too loved that fabric when I saw it made into a slim pencil skirt on someone's blog. But for the life of me I couldn't justify buying any because I just couldn't picture what to make with it that would suit my body. It looks fantastic as a dress on you! Ingenious!
    Lucky lady to have such fun boots too!

  3. Happy Birthday!

    Love the dress and the boots. Enjoy

  4. Love this dress! You should make a wardrobe of will make getting dressed in the morning so easy.

  5. That dress style looks really good on you, and I like your neckline change to it. Your criss-cross striped fabric is great, too. No wonder JB likes it. And I'm glad you're enjoying your red cowboy boots. Shannon had pink ones when she was 8, and she still mourns the fact that she outgrew them, her sisters got them, and they wore them out.

  6. I had go go boots when I was a teen but I've never had cowboy boots. Maybe someday. And I like the red ones. Wonder if the have shocking pink ones.

  7. Love the boots and the dress! And do tell Sue they have some awesome PANK boots.

  8. Happy belated birthday - Great dress and boots !

  9. The dress looks awesome on you and I love the boots! Sorry I missed your b'day, but I hope you had a very happy one. : )

  10. Read Carolyn's post and had to see this dress you made. I am not sure why your blog is not showing up on reading list, I am going to fix that. I really like this dress and this fabric. Love the red boots! And a happy and very belated birthday wish.

  11. Also super cute! Love the crazy stripes.. very fun, and can coordinate with lots of pieces!!


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