January 19, 2008

What is it About Saturdays?

This morning started out promising. We got up on time, as JB had to be to work at 8 to work on a friend's car. We were out of the house with the big dogs pulling us up the street by 6:30ish. It was rather dark, but it was nice and quiet, peaceful actually. The local latte stand opens at 7:00 and we were making good time. In fact we had to go around the block because we were early. Then it was back home where I fed the dogs and JB headed off to work. I then planted my hind end on the couch, where I watch sewing shows on PBS and Food Network. I spent lots of time on the phone with The Princess, some time knitting, did a few loads of laundry, bought groceries and fixed a nice dinner, including dessert. Every Saturday it's like this. Apparently, I need Saturday to recover from the week. I really wanted to finish the Flannel Dress today, but it didn't happen. I did get to the heel flap on the Merino Lace Socks. Tomorrow, there will be no laying about like the lazy dogs in the photo. I am hoping to walk dogs first thing in the morning. The fix breaky and head downstairs. There isn't much left to do on that dress and darn it - I want to wear it! I also want to start working on the next one. Hope everyone is doing what brings them pleasure this long weekend.


  1. I think your "lazy" Saturdays sound wonderful. I have a few busy weekends ahead and I'll be craving one of those kind of days.

  2. Much pleasure... just watched my Pats advance to the Superbowl as I happily knitted away... :)

    Happy weekend (we need more Saturdays in the week for sure)!

  3. My Saturdays pretty much go this way too...I really need the downtime to recover from the work week...and this weekend it's now Monday and I still haven't sewn much. I am just going with what my body needs and wants because I just don't want to get sick and pushing too hard at it always ends up with me flat on my back.

    So I will sew maybe later or maybe next weekend!


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