January 18, 2008

I Should Have Been Vacuuming

But instead I put 12 darts into the skirt of the Flannel Dress. I also sewed down the tucks in the lining. It feels good to be getting down into the sewing room on a regular basis again. At this point all that's left is sewing the right side seam on the skirt; attaching skirt to bodice - twice; inserting the zipper; handstitching the lining to the zipper tape; and hemming. I have a long weekend coming up - this time with Monday off. Which results in a short week - 3 days next week. Although I plan on doing some work from home on both Saturday and Sunday, I don't plan to let it consume me. I have a dress that wants finishing! In an attempt to not post without photos (because I'm not always that interesting) I have been taking random photos around the house. The candle and candle jar? were gifts from The Princess for throwing her a "get out" party. This is the first time I have lit them. The candle is vanilla - yum. The little tiny person in the back of the bottom photo, is a yarn, fabric and wire interpretation of one of the girls. I have 3 of these figures - The Musical One, The Princess and Dudley. My friend from High School made these for our family one year for Christmas. We have had them so long we only had Dudley at the time. I keep asking her for Abby, Beau & Lucy. They are really cute though.


  1. I'm so happy that you are spending more time in your sewing room...'cause you know when you do the vacuuming ~ you only have to do it again a few days later! At least with the sewing, you get something finished and you have something new to wear! Can't wait to see the dress!

  2. Vacumming can ALWAYS wait... just look at the pictures on my blog for proof... you'll ALWAYS find dog hair! :)


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