January 27, 2008

Whacha Think?

When I make handknit socks for myself, which isn't often, I have 3 pairs and I felted one pair and gave it away! Anyway, when I make my own socks I like a really firm knit fabric. I like a sock that really hugs my foot. I really like knitting on little tiny US size 0 needles - either double points (my preferred method) or magic looping them. I really like sharp, pointy knitting needles. Okay, so here's where I'm looking for opinions. I making these lace socks from Favorite Knits for The Princess. She picked out the pattern and I've had the wool for sometime. I'm knitting them according to the pattern on US0s. I knit 7 repeats of the leg, then the heel and so far I have knit 1 1/2 repeats on the foot.
Recently, I tried them on. They are a little snug going over the heel. To my eye the knitting looks like it's stretched to capacity. I'm thinking I should rip them and start over on 1s or maybe even 2s. I worry about going up to far in needle sizes because I don't want a loose sloppy sock, but I think these are too tight. I think the top two photos show better how stretched the sock is when it's on a foot. So, Whacha Think? Rip and go up a needle size or two - or just keep going and hope she can put them on?


  1. If you think they are too tight, they probably are. Since you have no issues with ripping stuff, i would rip them and try them on the 1's. Maybe do a swatch first?

  2. I agree with blogfree jess... rip'em and go to a size one, but not a 2. You want them to last a little while, right? Some bourbon might help to loosen the stitches. Phyl gave me the3 duck fart recipe. It's Alaaska's gift to the lower 48:
    1/2 oz each of Kahlua, Bailey's, and whiskey or bourbon (crown royal is recommended, though any will do). Happy knitting, girlie! Cami

  3. Gah... You know how frogging pains me, but there are times when it simply must be done. You'll know how Princess likes her socks, and that will have to make the decision for you...

  4. They are beautiful and I'd hate to think of you ripping out all that hard work... maybe Princess has a friend with smaller ankles and she can get a pair too???

  5. No need to change needle size if you prefer the 0's - just add a few purls between the lace motifs.

    If it's too tight over the instep, the heel flap is too short - maybe just rip back to there and make it longer and try on again.


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