January 12, 2008

Eureka! We Have Heat

And not from the wood stove! This is one of my favorite features in our home. And yet, we rarely use this room. When we did our kitchen remodel this living room off the kitchen became a 'great room' of sorts. I purchase new furniture for this room. I love it, it's really comfortable and great for curling up in and reading or knitting. However, JB hates this furniture. Don't really know why. This room most often gets used when we entertain. We will sit in here while dinner finishes and then move to the dining room and back to the 'great room.' Since we moved the big television upstairs - I hate entertaining where the tv is. JB can rarely be in that room and have the tv off. MEN! Today we had a lovely ASG meeting. It was nice to be back. There was a good turnout and I got to fondle lots of lovely knits. Saw some fabulous garments and learned a few new tricks. However, since I took all day (the guy got here at 8:00 and wasn't finished until 6:00) to install the new furnace I didn't get any sewing done. It was too cold to be downstairs sewing. Tomorrow I have an ASG meeting all day and then we are having dinner with friends. Maybe Sunday evening I can make some headway on the flannel dress - I really want to work on it!


  1. i LOVE that room! I have fond memories of that room being absolutely crammed with 6 adults, two Bloodhounds, two Basset Hounds, and two Vizslas. And the acoustics when the Bloods howl is AMAZING. I think i saw Henry's eyes bug out, and his jaw drop open when they started, because he thought HE was a loud howler.


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