January 17, 2008

A Very Un-Proper Dog!

As many of you know, Beauregard James had surgery the week after I did. The timing was great because it was Winter in Washington and the dogs were able to stay in the house all day, be super warm and lazy all day long. They were very good and would go outside a couple of times a day long enough to 'take care of business,' but there really was no playing. For a little more background - because Lucy is a goat in dog's clothing and Abby is an escape artist, the dogs do no stay in the house all day when we are at work. They have a huge dog yard which is completely fenced and escape free. They also have a 12x12 cinder block shelter built into the hillside that the shed is built on top of. Inside their shelter is 4 igloos and other bedding fit for dogs. Also in their dog yard is lots of dirt for digging, a pool in the summer and all year long there is a fountain so they have fresh water all the time. So, by no means are they thrown outside and neglected. They are well taken care of in the dog yard. Anyway, about a week before I was scheduled to go back to work. Beau decides that he isn't going outside when it's time for me to leave the house or downstairs at bedtime. Well, when you have a dog that weighs 105# when he decides he isn't going somewhere, he pretty much isn't. A couple of time I had to put a leash on him and walk him downstairs. Once JB took him out the front door and put him in the dog yard that way. Buy the time JB got back in the house, Beau was inside and laying down again, thankfully JB had the foresight to put the gate up first. Well that first week of work really kicked my arse! On Thursday I was tired, so I asked JB if he could get the dogs to bed by himself. He said yes, and off I went to bed about 9:30. The dogs get to stay up until the last person goes to bed. So, later I hear JB and Beau fighting about whether Beau is going downstairs or not. JB finally makes it upstairs. He walks into the bedroom, shutting the door very forcefully, and says "Your dog is gonna die!" (Before I get hate mail, he doesn't mean it. Beau lives here, is a member of the family and nothing will ever happen to him.) When he gets into bed, I asked him if he had trouble getting Beau to go downstairs. JB says: Tomorrow when he goes outside after dinner, he's staying outside! And he can stay outside until he can behave like a PROPER DOG! (Proper Dog was said with a British accent.) I laughed so hard. We have now figured out how to outsmart Beau at his own game, but he is now referred to as "the Proper Dog!"


  1. Dear Beau -

    Good luck training your humans. It took me 12 years, but they finally get it. It's my house, and they're lucky to serve me.

    Yours seem nice enough, so I'm sure they'll come around.

    Best Wishes,
    Mugsy Prince of All

  2. Ok...so I was laughing soo histarically when I read this! hahaha...Oh Beau! He's so silly!

  3. beau will get you guys trained yet! they always do!

  4. LOL!
    I loved that post!
    Such a personality your dogs have.
    I love the expression he has on his face!

  5. OMG...i love Beau!

  6. OMG. Beau sounds like Grover (who's 125 lbs). OK, Beau sounds smarter. I cannot wait until you tell us what works. Stinker.

  7. LOL, that is just so funny... they truly make up their minds on what they want and are going to do!
    Now do they sleep outside at night too??

  8. seriously laughing! good luck and love the name change :0 When you have a chance, come see the pups I posted - happy DOT :)

  9. Good luck. No advise here. I didn't have any trouble training the dogs I got singly, but the pair I got together keep voting me out of all the decisions.

  10. What a little scamp - well, that's a hound for you!! I often tell my husband that it's a good thing Simon is so cute or he would have been sold for parts long ago. Now if only we could get our mutts to use their intelligence for good instead of evil!! :)

    P.S. Tell Beau that he is a sweetie pie even if he isn't a "proper dog".

  11. I wouldn't want to move a 105 pound stubborn dog either! Hopefully he was just in a mood and that will get better. At least you have a good sense of humor about it, that's important.

  12. Cool dogs. I love that their skin is so loose and wrinkly.

    I found your blog via that apron swap. Kudos on joining in the fun.



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