July 3, 2006

Inspired by Carolyn

yet again. In her recent post, Carolyn asked how you find time to sew. The reality of my life is that I don't like to get dirty, so I don't garden. I'm not a huge sun worshiper, so lazy afternoons basking in the sun aren't my thing. My children still live at home - at the old ages of 20 & 22, so they are able to help with the housework somewhat - freeing me to do what I love, create. In the old days, when we only had 2 dogs, and my sewing room was on the main level of the house, I fired up the sewing machine daily. It was close to the kitchen and convenient to fit in a seam here or there while cooking. Now that the sewing room is downstairs, I find that I don't turn it on unless I have a substantial block of time to give it. That doesn't mean that I won't do something else, trace a pattern, cut something out, make alterations, rip something that needs it. But mostly my evenings are spend cooking, cleaning up dog hair and walking dogs :) In the spirit of Nike - Saturday night I ran to Hancocks to get thread for the curtains. I was ready to start seaming the panels! My eye was caught be a great piece of stretch cotton in pink, salmon, red and yellow. It was a rather bold print and I really didn't need it. But I loved it. I kept walking around Hancocks trying to talk myself out of it. Finally I gave in and looked for something to match with it. I found a soft buttery yellow cotton interlock as well as a salmon colored cottong interlock. Immediately upon getting home I through the print in the washer and dryer, followed by the interlocks. I headed downstairs and didn't turn on the tv or computer! I just set up the ironing board and turned on the sewing machine. The panels for the dining room are seamed and the top hem is pressed in place. Same for the living room, all that is left is the bay window. I plan to stop at Linens & Things on my way home from work tomorrow for the new drapery rods. By now it was midnight and I was tired. JB got home from the poker game he was out and got on the computer. I finished up the curtain panels and shifted stuff around on the cutting table. By the time I went to bed at 1 - I had the print cut out as well as the yellow interlock. I set my alarm for 6. For the first time in months, I actually got up when the alarm went off. I headed straight downstairs. Stopping only long enough to put on a pot of coffee. By 8:30 the yellow was a new t-shirt. By 10:30 the print was a skirt. I was able to go to the horse races today with JB and friends looks cute, comfortable and stylish in a brand new outfit! Pictures after I've had time to wash and iron it :) Thanks Carolyn.


  1. Wow.Now that is inspiring! You got so much done.I'm always wasting time in front of the tv or surfing the internet.I refuse to give up sewing and creativity sites,because,I learn so much and gain inspiration.However,I think I should give up some tv watching time and turn it into sewing time.
    I think I'll get up early tommorrow like you did and "just do it".
    Much thanks to you and Carol.

  2. Wow...you bought fabric and immediately sewed it up!

    I'm impressed. Now I need to go and do likewise...well, the sewing it up part, anyway... :D


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