July 1, 2006


Jessica was everything I thought she would be, except . . . I thought she would be larger. Based on the way she talks about herself. But no, she's quite cute and trim. Her dogs are hysterical and her hubby is a looker! We had a great time at the dog park, a lovely dinner and a fabulous visit. She's considering coming back in September to see the Yarn Harlot with me. She loved the American Fido fabric, unbeknownst to me, they are huge American Idol fans, so that worked out great. I hope the bag and needle roll work to transport her projects to her knitting 'events.' The weekends plans are as follows. Once again I'm cleaning dog slime off the floors - I just did this yesterday, but laminate floors and 6 dirty dogs don't mix! So finish cleaning floors, finish ironing curtain fabric - 4 pieces to iron and rip. Then I'm detouring to the border print denim. The skirt is quick and easy and I want to wear it to the 4th of July festivities. After that I will start seaming curtain panels. I can then purchase the new rods and determine hem lengths. Once I have that all down, I'll be back to ironing and ripping - lining this time. Have a great Holiday Weekend everyone. Unfortunately, I have to work on Monday. But it's okay :) Sewing will be done anyway.

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