July 24, 2006

Sewing Room Redo

JB sent a good portion of Saturday afternoon cleaning up piddle spots from the downstairs carpets. He started rearranging furniture and I finished it Saturday night while the boys were playing poker. I like it. While I'm not positive there's more room - it feels like there is. The treadmill has a new home out of the way. Shelving is soon to be purchased to store stuff on the wall over the cutting table, I want a full length door mounted mirror as well. Oh, I found another piece of white eyelett! I have got to make a white skirt! I have to - I think I'll have to drive to work in my slip in order to keep it clean, but I want one!! Tonight I get to load the fabric back onto the bottom shelve of the cutting table, although frankly, I'm considering moving the books from my 2 cupboards onto the new shelving, taking all the fabric and putting it on the shelves in those cupboards and just having wicker baskets of curent projects on that lower cutting table shelve. I'm curious, do you store your fabric by color, weight, or type? I'm thinking keeping knits, wools, etc together makes sense. But in a little corner of my mind it makes sense to sort by bottom weight, top weight, and still makes even more sense to keep all the brown fabrics together. Any suggestions will be great. Plan on following this post with 'Fashion Shots' as I have several finished garments that have been blogged about but not seen, as well as finished, organized sewing/computer/workout/dog room photos. Thanks for all your support - I'm surprised to see comments from people who I consider to be fabulous seamstresses (sorry for the term - what is PC these days?) Carolyn, Liana, Lisa, Debbie - thanks gals :) I truly appreciate it.


  1. I want a white skirt, too! I have some creamy white linen that I got from Michael about 3 years ago and I just this month realized what a funky summer suit I could get from it...however impractical it might be in real life (perhaps the Sartorialist's comments about women in white attire have influenced me a bit?) But I've gotten myself in such deep water with volunteer projects that I might not get much more summer sewing done for myself. Sigh. Maybe next year.

    Isn't it fun to see who's reading the blog? ;)

  2. As you know, my fabric is organized by color. I tried by seasons but I had to dig too much. Color works the best for me. Loved the "fashion shots" comment! And of course, we read each others' blogs...everyone who sews can inspire someone else. I don't think your experience matters but your enthusiasm goes a long way in touching other sewers!


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