July 18, 2006

Boring Updates

Weight Management: Down 1/2 pound since the beginning of June. Still sitting about 5# over my ideal weight, but it's not fun maintaining there - no drink before dinner, no drinks with dinner and don't even look at dessert. I feel good at the present weight, look good in my clothes and lots of things fit straight out of the pattern without a ton of alterations, maybe not worth the stress of getting and staying there. Dog Walking: I'm back to the regularly scheduled dog walking. Even managing to get both pairs of dogs walked on a regular basis. Yea me. Beau man has an ear infection and that affects our ability to take them swimming during the current blast of warm air. I learned that it's perfectly acceptable to use baby wipes to clean the dogs ears. I also learned that they are much cheaper to by at "The Mart." Sewing: Dining Room curtains are up, but need help. The bolt end for the header tape I bought said 2:1. My window is 96 inches wide. My curtains are 2 lengths 56" wide sewn together times 2 - one pair for each side of the window. Plenty of width to cover the window. Once the header tape was on and gathered, the curtains are now too narrow. They look great hanging to the sides of the window, but we might have to close them once in awhile. So, they will hang there while I quit kicking myself and then I'll take them down, unpick the header tape and sew in pleats by myself. Fun stuff that is!! Knitting: Blue cotton sweater, done but for side seams and steaming. Blue tencel sweater, front done, back 1/2 done. Need to redraft the sleeves. The pattern is for a long sleeved sweater, but the yarn is pilling as I knit. I love it, but don't want it to look ugly after the first 20 minutes of wearing, so will modify the sleeve to be a cap sleeve. Will fit with the look of the sweater still. Charity knitting - 3 bear outfits done, 4 dog sweaters and 3 cotton cloths done. Bears to go Erin's Bears and the dog items will be sold with all proceeding going to the local animal shelter. Currently I'm on a Mason Dixon Warshrag run. 2 down, more to go!!! Happy Sewing Everyone.

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