July 26, 2006

Taking Back 'Me' Time

A recent observation was that I needed to start getting up before dawn again to workout. I gave this up mostly with the new job (back in December 2005) as the office was closer and I didn't have to be in to work until later. So, why bother getting up so early in the morning? The answer is Because I'm worth it! I love the way my daily workout makes me feel, but I also need the am decompression time. Some days I clean house, some days I knit, some days I turn on the sewing machine, some days I just sit with the dogs and drink coffee. Any of these things is a pleasurable start to my day. This week I have gotten up before 6 twice. That give me enough time to get a decent workout on the treadmill in. Then I bring in the doggies, go upstairs, pack lunches for both JB and myself, get him off to work, feed dogs and then the next hour or so is all mine! Monday I was loading in the rearranged sewing room. Tuesday morning I surfed the internet, then fray checked the denim skirt that been cut since before the 4th of July. This morning, I trimmed the bottom of the denim, hemmed the sides and put the darts that my body needs in the waist pieces. On the way home tonight I plan on stopping to pick up grommets. With any luck, by the time I head to bed tonight I will have a new skirt to wear to work tomorrow. This Friday I don't work. I have the apricot knit sitting on the cutting table, ready to be cut out and started tomorrow morning, as well as another knit which will become the same top. The top in question is super easy, fits well and looks great! 4 seams, 4 hems - done! Then onto the white skirt! We have a busy weekend ahead with BBQs and birthday parties and I want new, fun, cute clothing to wear. So, guess I better quit talking about it and start sewing :)

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  1. Good for you!! DH always wakes up 1 1/2 before he has to head out the door so that he can go running, or just sit and chat and watch the AM news. And drink a LOT of coffee!!!
    Morning is my favorite time of the day, and i enjoy it a lot more when i ease into it!


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