July 10, 2006

Weight Management

What is it about weight management this is so freaking hard? Why are the good habits so easy to break and so hard to re-establish? I know that in order to keep my weight where I like it, I need to drink about 96 ounces of water daily. Do I do that? No, been averaging about 32. And it's been hot. Haven't been substituting for other beverages, just not drinking water. I also know that I need to eat approximately 8 servings of fruits (3) and veggies (5). I have tons of ripe summer fruits in the house - cherries, plums, peaches, you name it. Not eating them either. They're good, just don't feel like it. Veggies, same situation. Since I was sick a couple of weeks ago, my workout routine has really been lacking. I've managed to get back on the treadmill 3 days per week, but still haven't picked the weight lifting back up. By the time I get back to it, I'll have to start with 5# weights again! On the plus side, I am walking the dogs again and my clothes still fit :) Off to fill my water bottle.


  1. Boy, can I identify! Weight loss programs always go just dandy...until I 1) get sick; 2) hurt myself or 3) hit a time crunch that keeps me off schedule for a week.

    So now I'm back on the bandwagon, too, after experiencing 2 and 3 and the subsequent fall from grace.... ;)

  2. I was ready to be back on the bandwagon this morning. Until I came downstairs to workout and found a puddle in the middle of my sewing area - let me just say there is on female bloodhound in trouble!!!

    I'm refusing to work on the curtains until we get a doggie door and hubby shampoos the carpets again! That should teach him - right?


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