January 9, 2008

Wicked Weather!

What is the saying? When it rains, it pours? Bad things come in threes? How long are those threes suppose to take to play out? Shouldn't there be a time limit?
The reason I ask is this. Tuesday morning I woke up and there was a funny smell in the house. I couldn't identify it and I couldn't find it. Also JB couldn't smell anything - Men. When I left for work, while backing out of the garage I noticed that the warm flames weren't visible in the furnace, but thought nothing of it.
Really - you should listen to me when I say "I smell something funny!" JB got home really early last night because he had school instead of real work. So he was putzing around the house - playing the magical bill paying elf, putting away the boxes of Christmas, taking out the trash and getting it to the street - all the good husbandy stuff! It was great, but he couldn't get the furnace to come on.
Finally he called me at 6:30 to find out where I was - I was still at work - and tell me that the furnace wasn't working and that he had Whirlyball that he had forgotten about. He's kinda whinny about my not watching (can you tell he doesn't read the blog?). So I said I would come watch him play - why not there's no heat at home!
So today I need to call someone to come look at the furnace. Leave work to let them in and talk to them. Knitting tonight and I'm getting nails done tomorrow.
Hopefully, we won't need a new furnace!
Oh and the pictures? They are from last year. We don't have any snow at my house - however, it does feel almost cold enough to snow in the house!


  1. No heat?? Sucks. I hope that's resolved before you get home today!

  2. Sorry about the furnace... that is a royal p.i.t.a! Can you believe its 50 something degrees here today??!!

  3. Hi. I'm replying back in your comments, 'cuz it's fun and allows me a measure of laziness. The fabrics are from the "Duquesa" line from Blank Quilting, a fifth-generation textile company in N.Y. Great quailty stuff. How much you need, darlin'? I've got your addy and have to *do* the post office tomorrow anyway. I owe you for your stunt-stitching duties. Amy's newest stuff just started being printed and I've had my order in for over a month already. Should be in-store by March (or earlier) There are some gorgeous larger scale florals, and lots of funky "bead curtain" prints, and she used the "Nigella" print (featured on the 'Sophie' bag pattern) in several new colorways to tie the new line in with her home dec fabrics. Those you would *lurve*... more of a drapey cotton twill fabric, like a good trouser/skirt/jacket fabric weight. Sending samples when it arrives. Don't freeze. I'd miss you sumthin' fierce. Cami


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