January 19, 2008

What I Love About Crafty Blogs

Have you even noticed how the crafty and knitting blogs have contests and Swaps? I love that. I love that it encourages people to make friends ~ even if it is virtual. I love how it brings a group of people together. I love the bloggy friends I have made, I look forward to emails from blog friends and the meeting up when I can actually get to their neighborhoods. Don't get me wrong - the sewing blogs do the same thing. You will see the same pattern being made by lots of sewers. You will see bloggers sharing fabric sites, books and pattern information. But mostly the sewers are about sewing. Which I love. My main love is garment construction. That being said, occasionally I love making something crafty. I enjoy putting together a box of goodies for someone I have never met. I enjoy the process of shopping, making, having JB wrap, filling a box and then shipping it. To that end, I am playing along with the Sassy Apron Swap. Ever since my cocktail party in December 2006 I have wanted a great apron. Something that would look fabulous over a cocktail dress. I made several aprons in 2006, but I didn't keep a one! If you are so inclined - click on over and play! I'm looking forward to filling another box :)


  1. And I know first hand what AMAZING boxes you put together!!!!!! EVERYONE loves the little dog stockings you made our kids!

    I wish I could sew... I'd be in the apron swap, but alas... I can. not. sew. lol

  2. Help! Gaylen, what pattern did you use to make the 'Chocolate Lollipops' bag you sent me to display? Everyone's asking about it... they *lurve* the bag, and the skirts... and the needle rolls. Oh, how I adore crafty stitchers. But, seriously, go find that pattern # and lemme know, k? *mwah* Cami

  3. Thank you so much for your sweet thoughts and comments. Gracie sends a big woof of appreciation for you support.

  4. I just joined the apron swap too! It is my first swap, and I can't wait to send, and recieve an apron!


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