January 4, 2008

What Am I Thinking?

I often wonder this about myself. I am addicted, repeat addicted, to sugar. I have to avoid it at all costs. I was doing really well early in my recovery process. Was down a few pounds, feeling great even wearing nothing but pajama pants. Then the neighbor brought by cookies - yummy! Then I attended the office Holiday party - more cookies, jelly bellies, alcohol - not good! After that I just spiraled out of control. Oatmeal and fruit for breakfast? I think not! I'd rather have cookies and fudge with a coffee chaser. Skip lunch - just grab another piece of fudge on the way to switch the laundry. The biggest problem has been going back to work. There is a huge ginger jar full of jelly beans at the office - well it was full, not so much anymore. Personally, since I seem to have absolutely no control, I'm ready to throw the damn things in the garbage, but . . . I guess I should be glad I managed to avoid the 4# box of See's Candies that was there. So even though on Tuesday I packed a lunch including an apple and 2 tangerines, my water bottle, soup and the iron I have to take daily - the only thing that has been consumed is the water and soup - not even an iron pill has crossed my lips! I hate taking them. Oh well, time to move past this and make better choices, including no jelly beans.


  1. Oh boy...i hear ya. I'll take cake and ice cream for breakfast any day.

  2. ohmygosh if I had to give up sugar I couldn't sew...*LOL* I am a full fledged sugar addict and am thankful that I'm not diabetic!

  3. Good luck. Sissy has the "get Mom moving" bit covered, so if I only make better food choices, there might be some weight loss...

  4. I feel your pain there.. I *LOVE* sweets. Especially baked goods.
    But we're making some big changes in our house this year as DH has just been diagnosed with early diabetes problems. So no more Hershey's, no Ben & Jerrys, and no more remembering Pepperidge Farm.
    He needs to do it, and so do I.


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