January 24, 2008

We Want Ice Cream!

I know lots of you don't believe in giving your dogs human food - human grade dog food, yes; but human food, no.
Well in our house the dogs eat a lot of what we eat. Their kibble is supplemented with cheese, any fruit they will eat - with the exception of grapes & raisins.
They also eat tons of veggies - again with the exception of anything on the "do not feed" list. By supplementing their kibble with fruit and veggies, I am able to cut back on the kibble (feeding 4 dogs is expensive) and keep them trim.
Their favorite of all is ice cream. Anytime JB gets off the couch after dinner Lucy lifts her head to see where he's going. If he heads into the kitchen she very slowly leaves the living the room, but once she reaches the dining room she runs into the kitchen. Usually alerting all the dogs that treats are a comin' Nobody gets left out of the action. Generally when JB is dishing up ice cream whoever is in the kitchen gets their own personal doggie sized scoop. Then whoever was good (usually just Abby) gets to lick the bowl.
I love this photo - if you look closely you can see 'Kilroy' eyes looking over the counter to make sure that the ice cream is still coming. They do have to work for their treats and nobody gets left out.
Lucy can really get some height. Look Ma - no hands.
hey Dad - drop that ice cream already. We're waiting.


  1. That's cute. I've never tried giving our dogs ice cream. They had pork chops last night.

    My daughter says chocolate is very bad for dogs, however. Did you know that? I'd be careful with it, however it looks as if yours are okay with that chocolate ice cream.

  2. My dogs eat a lot of human foods too, especially veggies. Fred was crazy for ice cream, but Mugsy would rather have regular yogurt. We're not giving Sissy dairy yet.

  3. You do know that dairy's on the "do not feed" list for dogs? They don't manufacture the enzymes to break it down, and dairy allergies are becoming an increasingly common food allergy. Strange that so many treats are cheese. That said, the worst side-effects I've found documented from feeding dogs dairy products, with the exception of the allergic symptoms which can be significant, are bloating, stomach pain and diarrhea. Ack.

    It was great having you back at GY last night. I didn't see how much sock yarn you ended up buying - - I'm sure the cost, with discount, fell within the "budget" you were given?! :)

  4. So very cute!!!! Happy DOT :)

  5. Awww... I love how we all have rituals like this!
    Our dogs get a lot of human food as well, they get either cottage cheese or yogurt mixed with their dinner kibble, sometimes rice... veggies, fruit, pasta, etc. And they get to do the "rinse cycle" of nearly all of our dinner plates and their favorites are the left over milk from cereal and ice cream!

  6. Mine go ape for the ice cream, too, and every other form of dairy for that matter. And they would like to say THANK YOU for the idea of cleaning out the ice cream container!

  7. Our dogs get to lick the bowls and lid when we eat ice cream. I think as long as we keep it at a small amount they are ok.

  8. Cute, cute, cute.

    I better not let Sophia and Abby see those photos or they'll be wondering where *their* ice cream is, LOL!

  9. I don't think Zeus has really had much ice cream, other than maybe the Frosty Paws once. He'll be in the kitchen anytime there's food, hoping for anything to be dropped. He doesn't seem to have a favorite fruit or veggie, but he'll try anything that hits the floor.


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