January 21, 2008

Scared to Leave the House

ever have one of those lifetimes? i don't know about you but whenever we have a 'shortage' of money or something has happened like an adult in my home quits their job i feel compelled to spend.
currently, i need to go shopping. i need a cute top and/or a cardigan to wear with the new dress. i also need some new black heels. i don't want to spend a fortune on black shoes as really brown is a predominate color in my closet ~ but a grey dress needs black shoes.
also, i saw some really cute fabric in the sales flyer and i would like to find a different fabric to line the pink jacket - but the ivory i have will work just fine.
however this fall/winter our family has had some major expenses - first a new tankless water heater because the old one died; then both beau & i had surgery; some planned for big dental expenses for both jb and me; ending with installing a new furnace. so currently i am scared to leave the house. i know that it would turn into a spending spree on things i don't need and really shouldn't afford. ( i could go shopping and buy anything i want without breaking the bank, but i just shouldn't right now)
yesterday i did some online shopping for yarn - they were having a sale, it was all sock yarn and that doesn't count as stash, right? well i loaded my cart with 5 different hand-painted colorways. man were they beautiful, i would have had some well dressed feet. thankfully i logged out without buying anything. and for now i'm going to stay my workout clothes and go into the basement and work with what i have!
i do not need new dishes, i don't need new dishes, i have plenty of dishes, i do not need new dishes, i have no place to put new dishes, step away from the dishes


  1. blogfree JessicaMonday, January 21, 2008

    OMG, do not even THINK new dishes. You do not NEED new dishes. You have the worst dish fetish i have EVER seen!!!
    As for the black shoes....well, i am not going to say anything about that. Some things are a necessity, you know?
    Anywhoot, the hubby and I are scared to leave the house, too. Boy, we did our part to support the economy this year. C'mon people STEP UP...take this burden off of OUR shoulders!!!;o)
    Tankless water heater? You good Northwest girl! Brad Pitt would be so proud!!

  2. Boy, do I empathize! I do the exact same thing!
    It's as if the spending reassures me that everything is okay. I must be secure... look I'm spending money... that means everything is alright.
    Where do you suppose this impulse came from?
    Well, good for you... signing off without buying those yarns. Now do the same about the dishes! You can do it!

  3. I'm mailing you sock yarn. I repeat...I am mailing you sock yarn. Now quit the lip-quivering and step. away. from. the. dishes. That is all. Cami

  4. I share the dish thing with you - my particular weakness is cream pitchers (why?) and bowls, especially little ones about a cup or so. I have overflowing cabinets but I am COMPELLED to look at them in the thrift stores. When we sit down to eat there is not a matching dish on the table. Fabulous but a real problem in truth. I feel for you but I am secretly longing to look in your cabinets....

  5. For me, stress or worries equal the need to shop online... its very dangerous, so I can feel your pain!

  6. I found the old post and I love the purple and green dishes! And the square plates.... I have white square bowls from Pampered Chef - huge and heavy but very useful for soup and salad and serving, too - and some white standard Corelle plates... the rest are thrift store and "found" and all different. We have painted our own plates and bowls at those pottery-painting places - those are fun. When my kids were little and wanted to paint dolphins and figures and dust-catchers, I forced them to do dishes so we could use and appreciate them daily - I am glad I was controlling in that instance - how great to eat from a plate my daughter painted at age 10. Now my husband is into silver flatware and we have all mixed things in the drawer - fun table settings. I ought to make a post with a picture .... So glad I found a kindred spirit out there in the world... glad to make your acquaintance.

  7. LOL... The Knight and I had words last night. As a numbers cruncher by trade, I don't touch our personal checking account. (But I *DO* manage our investments. Go figure.) So, I perceived a pinch and had really been being frugal, while he's been... being normal. Turns out my perceptions were skewed, so guess who is going shopping today, if I get a chance?!

  8. OMG you are too funny! ...step away from the dishes. hahaha Hey, I got something for you, and it's free!! Come by when you have a chance :)

  9. I tend to be obsessed about what we "need" around the house when we have the least money. We can always use some nice dishes! And everyone needs pretty socks :-)

    You can also start on something more dangerous -- Freecycle. It's free and addictive.

  10. *LOL* What a funny post! I feel like that some afternoons at work...don't leave the office, don't leave the office, I would just spend money! At my old job that was easy to accomplish there was a cafeteria and I could just take my book and spend my lunch hour there...here it is a little different since I MUST leave the building to get food. So I definitely understand how you feel!


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