January 6, 2008

Muslin Done!

Finally I have finished the muslin for the Simplicity jumper. Other than the changes I already made - cutting a size 14 through the shoulders to a 16 at the underbust seam, then I tapered out even farther at the hips.
I moved the zipper to the left side seam. So fabric allowing I will attempt to cut the front and back pieces on the fold rather than have a seam down the center of both pieces.
I have a powder blue lining and will line the entire jumper rather than just the bodice. I think it gives a much nicer look and feel to a dress. I plan on just taking tucks in the skirt lining rather than putting in the darts. Hopefully, I can make it back downstairs after dinner tonight to get started cutting the parts and pieces out.
I have the next dress starting to play out in my head. Remember this fabric? I finally decided on a pattern for it. It will become Simplicity 3774. I plan on making a lined pink jacket out of Butterick 4980 to go with it.
So, here are the elements for the next two garments in the lineup. The polka dot dress which will be full skirted and either short sleeves or sleeveless. The pink is for the jacket and the white to line the jacket. I think for this first try at lining a jacket I will leave the pattern as is - no closures. Will keep you posted.


  1. the muslin looks good. love the next pattern you have lined up. can't wait to see the finished products. :)

  2. blogfree Jessica (but contemplating that status)Monday, January 07, 2008

    oh boy...so cute!!
    I organized all my sewing books this weekend, and got my sewing machine back FINALLY (it was with the truck in Indiana...ACK!) and am inspired to FINALLY get to those skirt patterns you sent me.
    wish me lucks!! ohhh, are you gonna give me lessons when you come visit? the boys will be so thrilled!!

  3. Hey, you have been BUSY! Try not to overdo it, though. Say, have you thought of doing that dress in the straight skirt, not the full skirt? I wonder how that would look on you. I think it might look really good as it would give some nice curves over the hips and shape in down around the legs. You've lost so much weight, I think it would look really good. But you would know best. :)

  4. Wow! Miss a few days, miss a lot! But I had a good reason, I was sewing! *LOL* The muslin looks great. Can't wait to hear how the rest of the sewing journey progresses.


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