January 27, 2008

Love/Hate Relationship

With home decor projects. Originally made the dining room panels back in July 2006. Your can see one side of the panels in the photo <- there. There is a blog post here where I say that I have hung the dining room panels, but they are wrong. I still haven't take them down, but it will be happening soon.
I still love the fabric - it matches everything (except the upholstered furniture off the kitchen) on the main floor of my house. The paint colors all match the fabric - I just love it! I love this fabric so much, I am considering recovering the glider with the extra and putting in our bedroom.
I also loving having exactly what you want without spending a ton of money. So this is how I spent my weekend. I finally talked JB into hanging the new curtain rods - I've only had them since July 2006! Then I measured the length for the living room panels. Yes, the living and dining rooms have the same curtains because you can see into one room from the other.
I got one panel finished and somehow I lost my seam gauge in the process of putting the lining and the panel together. I was going to work on the second panel tonight - but without a seam gauge . . . Anyway - I will be working on finishing these while my main machine is at the doctor - apparently it's really sick (something about the sewing head), but thankfully it has insurance (warranty)! I'm almost to the hard part - figuring out the math to find out how deep to make each pleat and how close to place them. After this - there is still 4 panels for the bay window and the dining room panels to fix - UGH! Love that they match - Hate manhandling the heavy panels and doing math!

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