January 28, 2008

Insanely Happy

I have a very busy week ahead - or at least it was suppose to be very busy. Since we have snow.
Anyway, last week in my rush to get ready for work, I was sorta grumbling around when I happened to look up - out the skylight in my bathroom. What I saw was this nekked tree with a pre-dawn background. I stopped and just stared at it for awhile, then I went and got the camera and took a few pictures. The pictures aren't as beautiful as just looking at the tree, but it made me stop and smile.
So, this week during my busy week I plan on sharing bits and pieces of nature that I see daily and forget about, but which will bring a smile to my face if I take the time to enjoy it.
And my plan is to take a moment to enjoy it even during a very busy week. So, this week I wish you small moments out of busy-ness to enjoy the simple things that bring you pleasure.


  1. Good advice. Today was such a Monday for me, and I'm enjoying just hanging out, reading blogs, eating pasta, and listening to the dogs snore.

  2. Beautiful! The photo as well as the reminder to take time to enjoy simple things that bring you pleasure. Thank you!

  3. How pretty! That was one thing that I know you were always good at showing me... stop and enjoy the finer things in nature that make you smile! :) Good photo!

    Oh and I saw the socks and they look fine...still haven't measured my foot, but where do you want me to measure? the arch? let me know.

    Love Ya

  4. What an amazing view from your bathroom window...


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