January 29, 2008

Insanely Happy - Day 2

I love the snow. I know - but it's because I don't live where we have snow in the Winter. When I lived in Montana - the first snowfall was great, but after that . . . Yesterday morning when I got up all the hype that the local weather people had been generating was true. SNOW. It's just to fresh and innocent - until it gets ruined. This is the view from my front door. I really enjoy that funky tree in the front garden. It's a twisted or curly something or other. The limbs curl around and the leaves are twisty too - so in the winter when it's bare, it's still pretty.
We had the most snow in the area where I live - measuring at 7" the kids were very happy with it and I had half of a snow day! I managed to make it to JoAnn's to get a new seam gauge and stock up on some needles. Went into the office for a couple of hours and then come home and sat on the couch with knitting and cocoa - good snow day :)


  1. Good for you! Everyone needs a snow day once in a while!

  2. ohhhh, good snow day!!
    Now i get to take the dogs out into the "ruined" snow for some Kong-throwing.

  3. Oh what a wonderful view. I love the snow and we have been lacking in that area this year. :(

  4. Am I right in assuming you live in AZ? Does this mean that the earth is tilting or something? I live in the NE and we are getting rain so hard that I can hear it on my windows. This is something I hear in July! What's up! Is the end of the world as we know it??? Are you getting some snow-sew days in?


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