January 7, 2008

How Do You Use Your Guest Room?

Or how to get crafty before work.
Unless The Princess is visit or The Musical One decides that she doesn't want to drive to her apartment nobody uses our guest bed. Well that's not totally true - adopted daughter and dog sitter uses the guest room when JB and I are out of town. Other than that - nobody uses the guest room.
We have a fairly large house but it only has 2 'official' bedrooms. There is a den/bedroom/workout room downstairs and a 3/4 bath so that's were The Musical One lived when she still lived with us. Having removed the vast majority of carpeting in our house, I need a place to block handknits.
So this morning I pulled out the long ago started Lattice & Lace cardigan (looks like I need to repin the bottom of the back - it's scalloped!) which only needed to be blocked, sewn and finished. It's been sitting around on my sewing room table since we went to Arizona in May - that's when I finished it! UGH. So now it's time to Finish It!
The brown lump behind it is JB's holiday gift sweater for this year - which was finished on
January 5th. I started it sometime around the beginning of November. I know I was knitting on the body while waiting for the hospital staff to come get me for surgery. I finished the lower portion of the body while I was in the hospital, then procrastinated starting and working on the sleeves. The goal is always to complete the sweater by our anniversary - 2 sweaters in 2 years and that hasn't happened yet. I have the sweater for 2008 picked out and plan on ordering with my next bonus so hopefully I can get it started way before the holidays.
Also - thanks so much to everyone for the comments. Jessica - you know we would love it if you started blogging and you'd have at least 2 readers! Teri - thanks so much for commenting on the muslin - I'm glad there wasn't a ton of alterations to be done. Chan - I'll get back to you on two at a time toe up!


  1. SNOL... My "real" guest room stays close to a ready state, but currently has Christmas wrapping paper waiting to be packed back up for another year. I'm getting ready to turn the Page's room into the study, so that in due time, we can merge the current study with the kitchen...

  2. Me again. Re: time management and hatred of blocking/finishing. It only cost $19 for the "zipper installation" and blocking at You Know Where. Phenomenal job - the braided cable on the bottom and sleeves really stood out, and they even got the dog hair out. I'm never finishing anything myself again. (The baby jacket is going in this week...)

  3. Our guest room is very often occupied by G sleeping there to be closer to little D when he wakes up in the middle of the night. lol otherwise it is used by family members that come to visit probably once a month or more!
    Talk to you soon!


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