January 5, 2008

First Finished Knit of '08

I finished the first pair of socks for JB in 2008 - I'm sure there will be many more to come. These are from Pagewood Farms hand-dyed merino blend. The cost of these socks as $18 for the yarn.
Many thanks to the crazy Clementine for 'daring' me to knit two socks at once - and toes up no less! Making socks for JB this is the perfect way to go. He picked the yarn and the pattern is pretty basic - cast on 12 stitches according to the magic cast on in the Spring '06 knitty, Increase for quite a while - then start knitting in K1P1 rib across the foot. When the sock is about 4.5" long knit in K1P1 ribbing all the way around the foot until the center ribbing measures 1.5" Then go back to just ribbing across the foot. Knit until the sock measures 8" in length, do a short row heel. After working all stitches in the round again, don't start the ribbing on the leg until the leg measures 1" past the heel turn. Then start ribbing all the way around and bind off when you are ready to poke a small pointy needle in your eye rather knit any more K1P1 ribbing!
JB is enjoying wearing his hand knit socks. Yesterday I took the socks to work with me. One was cold and wanted to sit by the fire. It looked so warm and snugly there I had to snap it's picture.


  1. Nice legs! Nice socks! I LOVE the colorway.

  2. I wanna' knit two socks at once and toe up is my favorite way to go. How'd you do it? I tried casting on for two, cuff up, but couldn't make the second cuff join, so I frogged in frustration and haven't had the heart to try again.

    The socks are great, and I *DO* like the colorway too.


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