January 3, 2008

Dogs on Thursday

Introducing Miss Abigail, she really isn't an old dog in Basset years, she just looks old. Girls really do get it tough! Abby was born on December 1, 1999 we brought her home on President's Day weekend just before she was 8 weeks old. She was a terror as a puppy, she was a cutey (I'm gonna have to start scanning old photos!), but she was a rotten baby. She did not sleep all night until she was 4 months old! JB and I took turns getting up with her at 3 a.m.! She wasn't allowed to sleep outside of a crate at night until she was almost 4 because she couldn't be trusted overnight.
She is a loverly dog now who most often resembles
Harry the Dirty Dog. She loves to be the one who gets the ice cream box, but now that the "big dogs" have moved in, unfortunately she's often not that dog. But, JB is usually very fair about who got it last.
Miss Abigail Jane truly doesn't know that she is a dog. She believe that she should be able to sit on the all the furniture, ride in the front seat of the car (preferably in your lap) and be able to go for walks without a leash. The good news is that she is very boundary trained so she is allowed to go play in the front yard when JB is out gardening. She doesn't really like other dogs and a trip to the dog park for her is all about meeting new people - you see in Abigail's world people only exist to rub her belly and feed her!
Happy dogs on Thursday - take a page from Chan's book and try to be more like your dogs :)


  1. Abigail looks like a real sweetie pie!

    Oh, and by the way, you mean the dog isn't supposed to lay on all the furniture and ride in the front seat of the car?? Uh oh, don't tell Simon.

  2. That is too cute. Jack swears the bed is his and hates that he has to get off when we need to sleep. Abigail thinks that she should always be able to do whatever she wants. :) Have a great Dogs on Thursday!!

  3. Ah, Sissy's mentor! Sissy is better about the sleeping though, but the Knight gave up and put her *IN* the bed on the second night...

  4. What a cutie! Our dogs ARE our children, therefore they are allowed all over the furniture and are often in the front of the car... we need to get one of those "its their house, not yours... if you don't like it, you can leave" signs. LOL

  5. She looks like she is is one happy pup. :)

  6. Miss Abigail is just too cute! I feel your puppy pain - Abby didn't sleep through the night until she was 3 months old, but fortunately for me my DH is a light sleeper and he would let her out every night. Only a cherished and loved dog would realize we only exist to rub her belly and feed her!

  7. You got your basset to sleep through the night at 4mos!? Wow, mine will be 3 years old this month and most of the time she still doesn't sleep through the night! we are usually up at 2am for a "midnight" trip to the yard. Despite having been at 11pm.

  8. heh, heh... Melly's dog pee'd in their bed this morning, and then Griz trashed her sock yarn. Ours is just happy to be in from the cold. She's snoring. Your jumper turned out fetching, but are you serious about jumping back in full tilt? Seems like you should squeeze in a few more "feet off the floor" days, and sleep!


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