January 11, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Apparently, when your furnace dies they can send someone to look at it right now, for a service call of course. But once they have determined it's dead it can take weeks to get a new one installed. The guy who came out to sell us a furnace irritated the bujeesus out of me so I'm cancelling the horrendously expensive contract today. Smart, huh? This weekend will be all about sewing - but most likely all I'll get done is sock knitting. Thank goodness it's so portable! Why will I only get knitting done? Well - it's all American Sewing Guild this weekend. Saturday is the Neighborhood group for the group I lead and then Sunday is the annual planning meeting for all Neighborhood Group Leaders and the Board. I've been a group leader for 3 years now and I've always had plans on the meeting day. (I had plans this year, too, to stay home and work on my new dress!) But this year I'll be a team player and put some knitting in my bag and have a good time :) Today I only work half a day and then I have my final doctor's appointment. So hopefully, I will be home early enough and be able to bundle up enough to still be able to sew. The plan is to get the lining cut out and start working on the embroidered flannel dress. I'm looking forward to a little joy that sewing brings. The picture? Taken by JB last weekend. That is the view on the East Side of my house as seen through the kitchen windows most every morning. Beautiful, no?


  1. I hope you stay warm this weekend! Time for some dog snuggling.

  2. Great pic!!! Stay warm... and yea, bye-bye to ANY irritating repair guy, time for a new one!

  3. gorgeous pics...love sunrise and sunset through the evergreens. I was so thrilled to see that we have a ton of evergreens in this part of NY. The weather this past week has been SO Seattle-ish, too. Can you guess what type of weather that is? ;o) I'll take it over snow though, any day!
    Go Seahawks!!!

  4. Beautiful picture. I hope you at least have a fireplace or really good space heaters.


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