January 2, 2008

Back At It.

Today was my first day back at work and it was a long one! My co-workers said you aren't going to be able to come back full time right away. I said "of course I can." Well I did - but I'm tired.
I wore the brown jumper today with tights and brown shoes. I had JB take a photo because we got home at the same time.
Miss Abigail thought she needed to be in the photo too. This jumper was comfortable and easy to wear. I need to take some width out of the back on the next version though, it felt a bit wide. The flowers you ask? Well the guy was takes care of our IT stuff at work brought them to me, as a welcome back. Wasn't that sweet? One of the attorneys I work with also sent me flowers. It was good to be back, I missed talking to people who talk back - as opposed to the dogs who just sass back! But I really am tired tonight. Dinner will be super simple - sweet potato fries and a garden burger. Then most likely early to bed :)


  1. It looks really good on you! Aren't you glad that you got it done. Hope your first day at work wasn't too taxing!

  2. Anonymous, but you know who this is... We missed you tonight! I got your voice mail, and you sounded tired, so we didn't give you any grief. By the by - it's ever so important that your jumper match your dog!

  3. Glad to hear that you made it through your first day back. How sweet that they sent you flowers.

    The jumper is adorable on you.

  4. how thoughtful of them to give you flowers. the jumper looks great and dogs are adorable. congrats on the first day back. at least the weekend is close at hand.


  5. That jumper turned out great! I don't have that pattern but I might have to pick it up. Too cute!

    The flowers are so sweet. Today is my first day back after two weeks off but no flowers await. Oh yeah... I was simply on vacation. LOL

    Rest up!

  6. You and Abigail look great! So does the jumper. Don't push yourself too hard. I'm glad you had flowers and sweet potato fries. That makes any day better!

  7. Love the jumper!!! Gorgeous! Glad to hear you made it thru your first day.

  8. I just have to tell you that I was scrolling through your blog and little miss A (not being such a b today) looked over my shoulder and saw the picture of you and Abby here...she said who is that? My mom and Abby. "Aww they look like they were meant to be together!" straight from the mouth of the almost 7 year old! :)

  9. Hi, I'm behind catching up on blogs. Jumper looks great. You look a bit tired. Please don't over do. Pace yourself!


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