February 6, 2011

Second Topper

I'm busy working on my 12 cardigan project too.

After finishing the grey cardigan (well it still needs a bath and to have the buttons added), I started this little capelette.

I will be fun.  I'm now in a race against the weather.   This is a top down, turtleneck, elbow length cape. 

There are wide, chunky cables down the center front and back.  I did make a mistake on the second cable - I made it move right instead of left - so I made it a design feature and am alternating the cable direction every other time. 

Since taking these pictures, I've finished the second hank of yarn and the 5th cable.  I'm getting closer to being done. 

The yarn is malabrigo rios and it's lovely, thick, and spoingy.    The color is a fabulous green with a bit of blue and grey. 

Now to figure out what to wear it with - jeans and tee?  Maybe a dress?  Denim skirt and a tee - yep, think that's it.

Well it's on hold now until I can make it to the local yarn store.  See Wednesdays are knit nights and we get a 10% discount on any purchases made during knit night.  It's not alot, but it saves the tax.  And that all add up, right?


  1. Cute! So envious you have a LYS with a knit night. You know my sitch with LYS, and the closest one DOES have a knit night...but they CHARGE for it. Can you imagine?? I really REALLY miss my LYS in California.

  2. Love it. Enough that I'm going to knit on the baby blanket today in an effort to get to my own cape before winter is gone. We're to have snow later this week.

  3. Beautiful! We'll have to go yarn shopping in March because the beauty of shopping in Oregon? We have no sales tax! Don't worry though...Oregon gets their due...I pay lots in income tax!

  4. Yummy green. I'm not supposed to go yarn shopping until Stitches, later this month....so hard to wait!

  5. I think wearing it with a casual skirt and tee is exact5ly right! Love the color, too. How high is the sales tax there? Ours is only 6%, compared with 10% in Tennessee for everything, even groceries!

  6. Purty!!!!!! and LOVE that colorway!

  7. That's a gorgeous color and it's going to look great with that denim skirt you were talking about. : )

  8. Love love love.....the color, the yarn and the design.


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